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Danny Evans Releases Single, “Dear Daisy” (mixed by Mike Robinson of Railroad Earth)

Jun 25, 2021

Danny Evans Announces Forthcoming Single “Dear Daisy”

Contributed by Taylor Esche
The former-jamband convert set to release experimental 4-part series. Mixed by Mike Robinson of Railroad Earth, mastered by Phillip Bova.

Boulder, CO – Death of the jam band. Birth of the solo artist. Former Amoramora frontman Danny Evans re-emerges into the music realm with his first solo single, “Dear Daisy” (out 6/25). The first in an explorative four-part sonic journey, Dear Daisy represents a stern breakup with jam music, as Evans gives the middle finger to the music industry norms of his past.

An eclectic mix of surf rock, acid rock, and psychedelia, Dear Daisy is a far cry from Evans’s previously released work. Featuring retro music sensibilities, the track is a blend of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Mac DeMarco, and Twin Peaks– poured into a grittier, more soulful spawn.

“Being able to finally take some time off the road — even if it was forced at first– has allowed me to collect my thoughts. Nobody really cares if you craft a different set list every night, everyone just wants to hear you play a Grateful Dead song and all the bands are striving to sound like a different version of another band. Being a ‘party band’ can get really old, really fast,” says Evans.

For “Dear Daisy,” Evans’s debut single as a solo artist, the multi-instrumentalist eschews the conventional opening riff and instead welcomes listeners in with an ethereal, interest-piquing intro. Layerings of lap steel guitar over rhythm guitar and kick drums combined with a generous use of the analog delay pedal build a drone-ing sense of anticipation for the critical moment when all the instruments hit.

“I began to dive deeper into writing songs that utilized a more simple chord structure, drone notes, huge delay pedals & vocal effects. With my lyrics, I wanted to start telling my story to the world– the truth, not just some made-up story for a song. I’ve had some pretty crazy stuff happen to me and around me and I think that it’s about time that those stories get told.”

Written about a relationship that ended via FaceTime while Evans was out on tour, “Dear Daisy” is a story of heartbreak, hopelessness, and confusion– but with a little humor mixed in. Listeners will feel the pit in their stomach when Evans croons the melancholic but all too familiar refrain “You want something better than me.” You’ll feel this ache and then you’ll work through it as Evans explodes into an expansive guitar solo. Consider this your 2:49 minutes of surf rock therapy.

Fans and interested spectators can listen to the new release here: https://www.dannyevans.co/music

In keeping with Evans’s non-traditional approach to, quite literally, everything, there will be a select group who will get to hear this track before the masses. Six listeners will be picked at random to receive a cassette tape featuring artwork from the forthcoming vinyl. Meant to be traded, collected, modified, and even destroyed, these cassette tapes are Evans’s modern take on a DIY bootlegger culture of yonder.



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Evans has no plans to return to the bleak future of live music in 2021 (well, for now). His discography is best listened to on vinyl, the way your parents did it.



  1. “Dear Daisy”

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Streaming killed albums. Evans isn’t making one. Sorry.

We might not know the song titles yet but we know that the tracks will kill.

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