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Jon Stickley Trio does Jon Stickley Trio: An Interview

The first thing you need to know about the Jon Stickley Trio is that they are, in fact, a trio.  While this seems obvious, it won’t be when you listen to the Jon Stickley Trio for the first time.  It’s hard to believe that such a big sound can come out of a guitar, fiddle and drums, but see them live and you will be amazed.  There are no tricks here  (other than the deal with the devil fiddle player Lyndsay Pruett clearly must have made to play like that!), this band is just that good! Attempting to describe...

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Mexican Music Adventure: Yucatán Peninsula

Headed to a Music Festival in Mexico?  Let us plan your Mexican Music Adventure! Strings and Sol and Closer to the Sun are both amazing festivals in Mexico, easily accessible from Cancun airport, right on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea.  These festivals are wonderful vacations on their own – but we really think you should take your festival to the next level by making it a Mexican Music Adventure! We often hear that festival attendees want to add on a few extra days to the beginning or end of their trip, but they just don’t know where...

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Winter Wondergrass Colorado 2017

Winter Wondergrass in Steamboat Springs Colorado “Let’s throw a bluegrass music festival in Steamboat Springs, CO at the coldest time of the winter months.” – fake quote from the good people who put on Winter Wondergrass. This quote might seem like Winter Wondergrass is just a crazy idea – and it is.  But this crazy idea is borderline genius.  (Aren’t they all?) Winter Wondergrass has been bouncing around Colorado for 5 years, and this year it landed in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the first time.  We were super happy to be back in Colorado this Winter so we could...

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UllrGrass Festival

Ullrgrass Festival seemed like the perfect way to kick-off festival season in our newly re-established home state.  For 3 days, music lovers join together in Golden to praise Ullr, music, and beer – all while dressed up like Vikings.  Why Vikings?  Why not?!  It is a Norse god! Golden is a beautiful town nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and Ullrgrass is spread between two iconic town locations – the daytime activities are held in Parfet Park, while the evening continues indoors at the Buffalo Rose.    The Community of Golden shines strong at this festival, which is run...

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Mexico Music Adventure: Strings and Sol 2016

This review of Strings and Sol may seem long overdue.  Although, by this point, I am sure most of you have read quite enough about it to know you are definitely not going to miss it in 2017.  If you weren’t there, you are probably saying “Enough already.  Stop sharing all of these epic moments and talking about how it is the greatest festival ever.”  If you were there, you are probably saying “Please, share more epic moments.  How did I miss some of these while I was there?”  Seriously, every single moment is so incredible, you can’t possibly see...

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