Music festival experts Kelly and Jason

A collaboration of music festival experts:

Festy GoNuts was created by Jason and Kelly, collectively known as Jelly.

Living on the road for years and attending hundreds of shows and music festivals, they finally decided to share their passion for music festivals with the world, and Festy GoNuts was born!  We aim to be the ultimate music festival resource, a collaboration of music festival experts, for enhancing all aspects of your festy experience!



Jason has been attending music festivals since 1997.  Whoa!  Wait, really?  Since the 1900’s??  That’s crazy.  Who headlined his first festival, Mozart?  (Actually, it was Phish)

Jason says he’s a different person when he’s at a festival, but in actuality, he’s a different person the rest of the time.  When he’s at a festival, he’s the most Jason he can be!



Kelly has had some pretty amazing experiences going to festivals over the past 20 years, and looks forward to making even more incredible memories in the next 20+ years.  The reason she became addicted to music festivals has a lot to do with the live music – but there’s so much more!  She really loves the whole “festival experience”: the adventure, the planning, the packing, the road trip, and the zillions of new friends you make along the way.

As Music Festival Experts, Festy GoNuts has been featured on the top-rated Travel Podcast, Zero To Travel.

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Festy GoNuts is, above all else, a community.


We couldn’t do what we do without the help of our friends!

We can’t do this alone!

There are loads of people responsible for Festy GoNuts!  It is a community, after all.

Would you like to be a part of this community?  We are always looking for contributors.  If you are a photographer or a writer, or just a festival goer wanting to get involved, contact us and let us know!  We’d love to have you onboard.

We can’t offer money, or fame, or fortune (I guess that’s money!), but we can offer you a place to showcase your passion for music festivals.  Someday, when we are rich and famous, we will take you along for the ride and share the wealth.  We promise.

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