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Thom LaFond to Release Full-length LP “The Moon Leans In” – February 2022

Jan 19, 2022News

Thom LaFond to Release Full-length LP “The Moon Leans In” – February 2022

Thom LaFond is a Colorado-based artist and founding member of Banshee Tree.


Nederland, CO’s Thom LaFond is releasing his debut full-length LP “The Moon Leans In” on February 3rd, 2022.
“The Moon Leans In” is a collection of genre-fluid compositions recorded in Lyons, CO. The album traverses stylistic grounds from indie rock to vintage swing, taking equal parts influence from Mac Miller, Andrew Bird, and Billie Holiday.

Thom LaFond’s debut single “In a Hurry” was released in 2021, with his full album slated for release on February 3rd on all streaming platforms. In the Summer of 2021, Thom released a full-length LP of his compositions with the nationally touring quartet Banshee Tree. 

LaFond will be celebrating the release of “The Moon Leans In” with a show at Supermoon in Boulder, CO February 3rd, 2022. Singer-songwriter Dan Hochman will be opening

LaFond’s lyrics are filled with complex musings, often using the moon to represent mother nature in her beautiful & unabashed ways. Thom often finds himself the last one awake at the party, acoustic guitar in hand, singing to the moon. “What do you do when the night becomes the morning, and you’re still out there telling stories to the moon?”

“New Wildfire” was written during an outbreak of wildfires in Colorado in 2020. LaFond’s home in Nederland was centered in the smoke from four simultaneous wildfires. Cameron Peak Fire, East Troublesome, and Williams Fork were raging, with the Lefthand fire just a few miles away. The sky was a charcoal color with a diffuse pink glow. “New wild-fire each day, give us heavy weather then you take it away.”

With some time away from touring in the Spring of 2021, Thom took the opportunity to essentially “reside” in the recording studio. LaFond kept busy recording and releasing music with Banshee Tree, Andy Thorn (Leftover Salmon), Daniel Rodriguez (Elephant Revival), and David Lawrence & The Spoonful, while also lending his production skills to many other artists. When the pandemic first hit, Thom invested his savings in a video camera and a handful of microphones and released hundreds of videos on YouTube and social media. Every sunset had LaFond out in nature honing his field recording skills.


“The Moon Leans In” features Thom’s unique vocals over a tapestry of drums, piano, guitars, ethereal synths, vocal harmony, deep bass, sultry saxophone, and soaring violin. Each instrument was recorded In Lyons, CO in its natural state with little to no audio processing or effects. LaFond’s approach was to capture the sound of two live quartets, adding subtle background layers after the musicians had left the studio. Working with Boulder’s own Octave Records, LaFond was able to record in DSD, a hi-fi audio format developed by Gus Skinas. In addition to mastering “The Moon Leans In,” Gus has mixing and mastering credits that include Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Sam Cooke, Herbie Hancock, and countless others.


Thom LaFond Releasing "The Moon Leans In"

Thom LaFond: Image by Maiki Nope

Thom LaFond: The Moon Leans In


The drums were played by Forrest Kelly & Michelle Pietrafitta.

The bass was played by Chris Duffy (Electric) & John Heiland (Upright).

The Lead players are Jeremy Mohney (Alto Sax) & Enion Pelta tiller (6-string Violin)

Harmonies were sung by Katie Mintle.


The album was tracked in eight days, at Animal Lane in Lyons by engineer Jay Elliott

Mastered by Gus Skinas & Kyle Vandekerkhoff (for streaming)

Produced by Thom LaFond


* Thom LaFond -“The Moon Leans In”available on all streaming platforms February 3rd at 9 am 

* Release Party at Supermoon – Boulder, CO February 3rd, 8 pm.   MORE INFO

Thom LaFond Releasing "The Moon Leans In"

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