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Music Festival Toys and Games

Music Festival Toys and Games are essential to being your fest self and getting the most out of your music festival experience.


Well, for starters, because toys and games are fun.  Duh.

Also, because down-time back at camp is important during a music festival.  You can’t rage all the time!

Music Festival Games and Toys bring people together, create friends, and allow us to act like kids again, which is ultimately one of the best excuses for attending a music festival in the first place.

So here is our list of the best music festival toys and Music Festival Games for your next festy:

Light-Up Bocce Ball

This quickly became our favorite music festival toy when we first discovered it.  Bocce is a simple festival game to setup and play – we prefer Extreme Bocce, which is our way of playing without a court.  Just through the pallino (the small white target ball) anywhere and play!

With Light-up Bocce, there are no limits to when and where you can play – let your imagination run wild and take Bocce through the festival!  Just don’t hit anyone along the way!

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Dunk-A-Roo is a do-it-yourself game that anyone can easily put together at a music festival campsite.  All you need is a cooler filled with ice water, which is pretty readily available first thing in the morning before it’s been restocked with beer.  First thing in the morning is the best time to play Dunk-A-Roo, incidentally.  (Note: “First thing in the morning” is a very subjective term.  Who is to say when your morning starts?!)

So here’s the scoop on our favorite music festival game…

There are some variations on just how you play Dunk-A-Roo, but we’ll share with you the way we first learned: 

  1.  Do a shot of whiskey
  2. Submerge your entire head into a cooler of ice water for 10 seconds (Your friends should loudly count so you know when to pull out!)
  3. Immediately receive an open-handed slap to the face by one of your friends
  4.  Get ready to conquer another day!
Music Festival Toys and Games: Dunk-A-Roo
Music Festival Toys and Games: Dunk-A-Roo

The other most common variation on this is to forego the shot of whiskey, go straight to the dunk, then shotgun a beer and receive your slap after the shotgun.  We have also been known to combine the whiskey method and the beer method to really get geared up for a long day of festivaling!

Note: Festy GoNuts does not endorse or condone drinking whiskey and shotgunning beer.  You’re adults.  Be responsible.  (Visit Adulting 101 for more ways to be responsible!)


This one is pretty self explanatory, but just a reminder that you should always travel with a frisbee.  Since it’s inception by a bunch of kids tossing a pie tin around, it has remained the easiest and most popular music festival toy of all time.

Just look at pictures from Woodstock.  I bet you’ll see some flying discs!

We’re partial to this Light-Up Frisbee by Nite-Ize


There are many names for this one – Polish Horseshoes comes up a lot, but we’re not sure if that’s PC or not.  We just call it Pole-Can, because that’s what we use to play it.  Like most music festival games, there are many variations on this one.

Our version goes like this (for 4 people):

Equipment:  1 frisbee, 2 empty beers, 2 ski poles

Stick 2 ski poles in the ground, about 15-25 feet apart (adjust as necessary).  Balance an empty beer or soda can on top of each pole (adding a bit of dirt or stones to the can helps with balance).

Teams of 2 stand by each pole.

The object is to knock your opponents can off of the pole by hitting it with the frisbee.

You can catch the can before it hits the ground and save it, but NO GOALTENDING!  (that means you can’t hover over the can or interfere with the path of the frisbee)

Scoring is like this: 3 points for a direct hit of the can resulting in the can landing on the ground.  1 point for hitting the pole, resulting in the can on the ground.

Optional scoring: 1 point for catching your opponents frisbee. This adds another element, as hard, fast throws become more common.  Make it even more interesting by using a disc-golf disc!

Get creative and add your own rules, making this your unique music festival game!

If you’re feeling really lazy, you can order this complete Pole-ish Horseshoes package!

Hoops and Poi

Since the advent of the music festival, there have been hula-hoops.  (Don’t fact check us on this, but doesn’t it sound true?)

Just about anyone can hula-hoop, or at least entertain their friends while trying!

Poi is a little more difficult!  Poi refers to the artistic swinging of some sort of ball attached to some sort of string/chain. Sometimes it’s glowing, sometimes it’s on fire, and usually it captivates somebody who could stare at it for hours!

It’s not just a music festival game or a toy, it’s an art form and an exercise!

Music Festival Toys and Games: Hula Hoops


Who doesn’t love bubbles?!

Beautiful fun decorations for the air!  Fun for all ages!

As far as music festival toys and games go, it doesn’t get much simpler than bubbles!

Bubble technology has come a long way since we were kids, however.  Dive down the bubble-maker rabbit hole on Amazon and let your imagination run wild!

The days of using your own breath to blow bubbles are over!  Check out this portable bubble machine!

Squirt Guns

Have you noticed we like to act like kids at music festivals?  At least when it comes to our choices in music festival toys and games, and squirt guns are no exception!

They’re not just extremely fun toys, though.  Squirt guns can be a necessary item on extremely hot days.  Bring enough for your neighbors and start a battle!  Just remember: squirt responsibly!

We’re not messing around with this powerful water gun! 

Get Creative!

That’s what music festivals are all about!

Make up a game with your neighbors!  You may create something that lasts for years!  We once spent hours at a music festival watching a group of people play a game that could only be called “The Spatula Game.”  It involved a spatula.  It turned into a huge spectator sport!

You never know what could happen at a music festival.

So make sure you have plenty of music festival toys and music festival games prepared, and make your next festival Go Nuts!!

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