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How to Pack for a Music Festival in Mexico

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Packing for a Mexican Music Festival

Packing for a vacation is always tough.  Add in a music festival, and it can be downright daunting!  

How can you balance your suitcase with enough fun outfits for the festival,  but still leave room for “regular” attire? Does it matter what size suitcase I bring?  Do I even need shoes if I’m dancing in the sand all day?

If you’re unsure how to pack for a music festival in Mexico, don’t worry!

We have put together some essential packing tips for a music festival in Mexico, so you can be sure you are fully prepared:

These guys are prepared for a music festival!

Pack Light

I can not say this enough.  Pack light.  Pack light.  PACK LIGHT! 

One small suitcase and one backpack should give you plenty of space for everything you need for a music festival in Mexico. 

Take it from someone who packs a costume for every night of the music festival – and who brings lots of fun gifts to give away to festival friends.  You can still manage to downsize everything to fit into carry-on luggage. 

Planning on renting a car or jumping on a bus to get around the Yucatan? You want to minimize your luggage to make traveling easy and safe.

Kelly used a bag similar to THIS ONE to get through a 9-week trip in SouthEast Asia. It’s lightweight, comfortable and can hold way more than you would think!

Although, you’ll see her toting something a little bit more like THIS ONE at Strings & Sol.


Dress for the weather

It will be hot.  It will rain.  It will get cool at night.  The weather at a music festival in Mexico seems to always be unpredictable. Always pack lightweight clothes that you can layer.  Bring a lightweight rain jacket (and make sure it is waterproof – not water resistant). The lighter the clothes, the more you can pack in your small suitcase!

Let the Sun Shine In!
Always protect yourself with sunscreen.

Protect Your Skin

Nothing ruins a music festival in Mexico faster than a sunburn! I know the air-conditioned rooms and comfy beds at your resort are quite lovely, but I have no intention of hanging in them all day long trying to recover from sun-poisoning.

Sunscreen:  Pack plenty of water-resistant sunblock – and apply it every couple of hours.  Choose a sunscreen that won’t harm the reefs in Mexico, such as Badger SPF 30 Unscented Sunscreen and All Good SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion.  

Dress to Protect:  Bring thin long-sleeved shirts and swimsuit cover-ups.  If you get too much sun, you’ll want to have an extra layer between you and that sun so you can still enjoy the music festival!

Consider a UPF swim top for even better protection!

Floppy Hat:  The more ridiculous your hat, probably the more effective.   You’ll protect your face and your shoulders from getting too much sun – and you’ll love the attention you get.  Try this one!

Montezuma’s Revenge

(Mon·te·zu·ma’s Revenge: noun informal:  diarrhea suffered by travelers, especially visitors to Mexico)

Not a lie.  This is the exact definition. Although not everybody suffers stomach issues while traveling through Mexico, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Bring whatever stomach-aides you find works best for you, so you don’t miss a beat of your music festival!

Traveler's Diarrhea is no joke!

We start preparing BEFORE our trip to Mexico.  We begin taking probiotics and grapefruit seed extract drops weeks before the music festival begins, and continue them throughout our stay in Mexico.  TIP: Mix the grapefruit seed extract in orange juice to mask the taste. This sh** is a game-changer. 

This video is a great way to learn how to deal with getting sick in another country.  Disclaimer: This may not work in Mexico.

Use common sense.  Even if you go to a music festival in the USA, your stomach may get sick from just eating different foods and drinking different water. It’s no different if you are at a music festival in Mexico. Wash your hands.  Don’t eat food that looks questionable – like room temperature sushi, for example.  Just be smart, and you should be fine!

Bring the fun stuff to the festival!

Don't forget the Fun Stuff!

All seriousness aside, let’s focus on the fun stuff!  After all, you are going to a music FESTIVALLLLLL in Mexico!

Costumes for the theme night(s):  It seems like every festival in Mexico has at least one official theme night, so be sure to check out their websites for details.  There may be other unofficial theme nights happening too, so be sure to check out the festivals’ Facebook Groups to get in on the action.  Who doesn’t love this Unicorn Onesie?

Flotation Devices:  If you have space, bring a float for the pool and ocean!  It is crazy to see how many different shapes and sizes people bring every year, and it certainly makes poolside sets more fun during the day! I’d love to see THIS ONE show up! 

Make yourself – and your room – more festy! Why not bring some things to spruce up your balcony and room?  If you have a little extra space, throw in a string of lights and a disco ball! For goodness sake, you’re at a music festival in Mexico! 

Yucatan Peninsula Map for Music Festival Destinations in Mexico

Headed to a Music Festival in Mexico?  Looking to extend your trip and go beyond the resort boundaries?  We’ve put together some suggested trip itineraries and highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula to help all of you traveling music lovers!   Check it out!

Mexican Music Adventure Guide

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