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Colorado’s Red Mountain Boys Releasing New Music Each Month as “Red Mountain Mondays”

May 11, 2021

Colorado’s Red Mountain Boys to Release New Music Every Month of 2021

“Red Mountain Mondays” will feature a different 3-song EP every month.

Red Mountain Boys Media

Colorado Springs, CO:  The Red Mountain Boys have been creating and releasing music for decades, individually. Now, they have a wealth of offerings to share together.

Comprised of 4 renowned bluegrass musicians, Alan Begley, Jeff Daugherty, Lewis Mock, and Jon Murphy, the Red Mountain Boys are a Colorado supergroup that had just begun to light up the Pikes Peak region of Colorado when all live music came to a grinding halt in the Spring of 2020.

At that point, the band had already written enough songs to fill an album by any measure.  With the stay-at-home year that most musicians experienced in 2020, their cache of music continued to grow.

Working during the 2020 lock-down, much of the new music was recorded via individual, physically distant sessions.  For a group accustomed to the close physical dynamic of performing single-mic stye, this presented a challenge, but one that the Boys were eager to meet.

The songs were written and arranged by the Red Mountain Boys and the tracks were produced, recorded, and mastered by mandolinist Jeff Daugherty, who is enrolled in the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music for audio engineering.  Jeff spent a good portion of the pandemic meticulously working each track until he was able to achieve the true sound of the Red Mountain Boys.

Just as quickly as each track was completed, however, new recordings were coming in.  The Red Mountain Boys were building themselves a mountain of music.  They soon realized that they couldn’t sit on this much creativity, and needed to share it with the world.

The result is Red Mountain Mondays.

One Monday each month, the Red Mountain Boys are releasing a new EP.  So far they have been 3-song collections, but as Jeff Daugherty says, “They’ll always be at least 2 songs, maybe 5 sometimes? We might even drop a full-length LP for the ones paying attention!! We have loads of music waiting!”

And the ‘loads of music’ represent a true labor of love for the Red Mountain Boys. This music was all created, not for a label, not to promote a tour, but because they couldn’t stop the flow and needed to harness and share it.

While a full-length vinyl is in the works, for now, all of the music is being offered to the fans free of charge, through all of the available streaming platforms.  With the number of accumulated songs, Red Mountain Mondays look to continue each month through the remainder of 2021.

“We’re doing this mainly to keep the fans engaged and listening,” says Daugherty.   “Why not just give the listeners the music? It doesn’t do us much good sitting on it indefinitely!”

Fans can Follow Red Mountain Boys on Spotify and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all of the Red Mountain Monday releases.

Red Mountain Boys - Look Out!

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Red Mountain Boys

About the Red Mountain Boys:

Look out now, here they come!!

The Red Mountain Boys are a hot new bluegrass supergroup lighting up the Pikes Peak region.

A longtime staple of the scene, Alan Begley (Willie Bean Bluegrass) fronts the Boys with his Martin flat-top guitar.  Lewis Mock (Kansas State Hall-of-Fame musician, Radford & Lewis Band)  brings the fire with his five-string banjo.  Jon Murphy (Grandpa’s Cough Medicine, The Grass is Dead) keeps the Boys rock solid with his metronome-like bass playing. Jeff Daugherty (2014 John Hartford Songwriting Award winner) plays his mandolin as a man possessed.

Take their instrumental prowess, add in four-part vocal harmonies and world-class songwriting and LOOK OUT – it’s a recipe for powerful, hard-driving bluegrass music.

It’s the Red Mountain Boys!

Red Mountain Boys | Stargazers Theater | Ray Louie Photography
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