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Cash or Trade Announces NEW Streaming Site

by Aug 6, 2020

CashorTrade Creates Innovative Live Stream Platform

CashorTrade, a social network dedicated to fair-priced concert ticket sales, just launched a new live music streaming platform in July 2020:  CashorTrade Streams.   With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down concerts, festivals, and most events indefinitely, the CashorTrade Streams platform is creating an opportunity for artists to embed their live performances, broadcast simultaneously and reach a larger audience. 

It seems pretty genius. Performers are all turning to the world of Live Stream concerts and shows, and it can be a difficult road to navigate.  Trying to get your show to go live on multiple platforms (such as Vimeo,, and Facebook Live) at the same time would be the best way to reach a larger audience.  But that can require some advanced technology along with advanced technical skills. 

So, CashorTrade is streamlining the process – for the artists and their fans.  Artists create a channel on the CashorTrade Streams website, and then they can add their live streams to their very own curated channel.  Fans can login to check out the artists’ channels and see their favorite musicians or discover new ones.  That makes it easier for fans to find music in one location, instead of having to check all of the different social media platforms for upcoming live streams.  And it gives musicians a single platform to stream their shows, broadcast on multiple platforms, accept donations and live chat with their followers. 

Innovating During a Pandemic

CashorTrade was created by two brothers who love music, but did not love how ticket sales were being exploited by big companies.  They wanted to create a way for music fans to buy, sell and trade tickets at fair market value through a safe and secure website where fans can connect with one another on a personal level.   

Since its inception, CashorTrade has connected over 250,000 fans from 20 different countries – with over 3,000 new members signing up every month.  That’s a pretty significant social media platform, and it’s personally our favorite way to buy and sell tickets online.  Screw the giant ticket companies that are making millions of dollars every year on second-hand ticket sales.   We’d rather get our tickets directly to the fans without anyone in the middle taking a cut.  

Nowadays, we aren’t really buying tickets to live shows.  That means our artists and bands are also not selling tickets to shows, and the music industry is taking a huge financial hit.   CashorTrade recognized this as the pandemic was sweeping the nation (and world) – and they started innovating to help keep music alive. 

“Everyone and everything we love in music needs our support: individual performers, touring bands, our beloved venues, and festival culture itself,” says Brando Rich, Founder and CEO of CashorTrade. “The pandemic has put up unprecedented roadblocks between fans and live music, and our streaming platform aims to support these groups while bringing music straight to the people again.” 

Helping Fans and Artists Connect

CashorTrade Streams is free for artists and performers, and the innovative platform includes promotional tools and a finance manager to arrange splits and guarantees between performers and promoters, just like a traditional booking set up. 

Additionally,  all CashorTrade Streams’ performances include a prominent call-to-action to support the performer. Fans are prompted to donate in lieu of ticket sales, so musicians can continue to be supported for sharing their performances.  

That means money is going directly into the hands of the performers and artists.  Fans are able to tune into live-stream channels of artist-curated content.  And the musicians and the fans can connect directly through live chat during the streams. 

“Music connects us, even when we can’t physically be together,” says Rich. “As we navigate this new normal, we are looking to strengthen that connection between artists and fans. We can’t wait to create thousands more connections through the platform.”
Visit to get signed up or to watch live music streams today! 

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