Get the most out of your festy experience

by Feb 11, 2016Adulting 101, Culture, Tips and Tricks


Guaranteed increase in fun

Sure, you can follow all of our tips and tricks on how to go to a music festival successfully, but how do you go nuts at a music festival?  How do you truly make it a memorable experience that you will be talking about through the ages? 

How do you be your fest self and fully embrace the culture of the music festival? 

Throw caution to the wind, grab your wing suit and get ready to festy…

Be part of a team

Have a crew going to the festival?  Great.  Embrace that group mentality and make yourselves a team! 

Create a uniform (use a site like to easily make your own designs), a slogan, a thing!  People will see how much fun you are having and wish that they were on your team!  And maybe you’ll just let them join -remember, at the end of the day, we are all on the same team!  Going solo to the fest?  No worries- you can still be a team of one.  You will be the envy of all the other singles and groups! 

Look Great!

It’s a given that  you’re going to let your inner self shine at the next music festival, but what about your outer self?  It wants to shine too!  

Hit the thrift shop before your next festy and bring the funk.  Craft stores are a great place to stop as well.  Get creative.  Go in costume.  Even a $2 boa goes a long way!  

Comfort is of course all important at a multi-day festival, so be sure not to sacrifice comfort for style!

Toys, Games and Props.  Mad Props.

You’re not going to a weekend concert.  You’re going to a music festival.  This changes everything,a and you should too.  Be prepared to let your inner child out all weekend, and your inner child wants to play games!  Bring a game that can get your friends, neighbors and random passer-by involved, and you’ll be next level festy-ing.  Bag toss (cornhole), flip-cup, washers and other standards are always appreciated, or try something that will blow people’s minds, like LED powered bocce ball!  Better yet, invent your own game and let the hilarity ensue.

Light up LED Bocce-ball takes bocce to the next level!

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See the sunrise!

See the sunrise?  Seriously?  Yes.

Oh, it’s not a requirement.  Sure, you can go to bed after the last band leaves the main stage, and get up well rested the next morning ready to do it again, and you will have an amazing festy experience, I’m sure.  Take it from experience, however.  Some of the greatest festival memories (or lack of memories at times) have been created when inhibition is thrown to the wind, adventure ensues and night turns into day.

Of course, after that beautiful moment, it is best to then get your ass to bed quickly and try to catch a little nap before starting over again!

Make friends.

There is nothing like a friend made at a music festival.  Someone you shared an unbelievable time with, awesome music and lifelong memories.  Friends made at festivals are special, in a really incredible way.  It’s like a secret you shared and a bond you created that will extend into the ‘real world’, keeping you close forever.


Get Weird!


Yup.  Just let go.

Do what comes naturally.

Dress as a lobster and attend a monkey wedding.

There is no wrong way to get weird, as long as you are having fun and not impeding someone else’s good time, pretty much anything can and does go.

Be a kid.  Be your fest self!