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My first experience with Fruition came at Northwest String Summit at Horning’s Hideout in Oregon, back in 2011.

String Summit is a magical experience, made so by the family-like atmosphere, the location, and the music.

Every festival I attend, it seems there is one up-and-coming band that steals the show, letting you know they plan to be around for a while.  That year, for me it was Fruition.

fruition_nwss_2011Here’s a flashback to what I had to say after that experience:

Fruition first caught my ear on the Acoustic Stage in the woods, during a late-night Friday set.  Amidst a crowd of bag-slapping and whiskey drinking, their smooth-yet-dirty sound fit the setting perfectly.

Recovering the next morning at our campsite, Fruition was the talk of breakfast.  Everyone who caught the late night revelry was thoroughly impressed, and those who missed it were sure to make it that evening based on our reviews.

As we lazed through another wonderful day of Festivaling, we were treated to another Fruition appearance in the form of an impromptu parade.  Fruition led a group of festivalers from the campground down to the pond, playing acoustically all the way.  Once they reached the pond, they treated us to another round of songs as a preview for their Saturday night set.

At the time of that writing, Fruition had just released their last album, It Won’t Be Long.  Here are my impressions of the album from back then:

The silky vocal harmonies perfectly accompany the original melodies, creating memorable and uplifting tunes on every track.  They do a great job of capturing their energy, which overflows the stage when they perform live.  One listen, and it is hard not to imagine these kids making it big.  Give Fruition a few bucks, download their new album, and become a fan if you’re not already.  You won’t be disappointed.

Fruition has just recently released their latest LP, Labor of Love.  (get it now!)  A lot has changed in the 5 years since, most impressively the band’s devoted following of fans.  They’ve escalated to playing Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, and have recently sold out a string of nights in Denver.  They made a ton of new fans at Strings and Sol in Mexico, where they more than held their own on stage with the likes of Sam Bush and Larry Keel. 

Fruition is turning heads whenever they take the stage, and are moving further and further up the billing at music festivals all over the country.  They will be coming to a festival near you, that’s for sure.

Do yourself a favor and jump on the Fruity Fruition's Jay Cobb Anderson at Strings and Solbandwagon, ‘cause it’s moving fast!