The Brothers Comatose

by Mar 2, 2016Featured Artists

The Brothers ComatoseWhile on a road trip around the beautiful San Juan mountains of Colorado, we stopped in Crested Butte for a few days of relaxation.  The town was having some sort of festival, as they seem to on a regular occasion, so we joined in the celebration.  Playing a free show in the closed-off main street of downtown were The Brothers Comatose.  Always ones to check a free show, we grabbed a beer and headed towards the stage.

Instantly, we both were were extremely impressed with the talent of these 5 guys from California.  Started by brothers Ben and Alex Morrison, The Brothers Comatose are able to hang in the bluegrass genre, while definitely creating a sound that is uniquely their own.   Their songs were original and fun, and the large crowd in the street was dancing through the entire performance.   It was impossible not to join tCrested Butte street partyhe Crested Butte crowd of ageless retired hippies in getting down while singing along to the lyrics of The Scout, “I’ll never grow old, I’ll never grow old, I’ll never grow old and mean… like you!”

Our next experience with The Brothers Comatose came at Pickathon in Oregon.  Pickathon spans just about every genre of music, and many fans go for the experience rather than a particular artist.  Because of this, I don’t think many people knew of The Brothers going into the fest, but their two sets won over more than a small share of new fans.  With songs like “Trippin’ on Down” (about an interesting hike in Telluride) and “Pie for Breakfast” (about having pie for breakfast, among other things) it’s impossible not to sing along with their infectious melodies.

Brothers Comatose "City Painted Gold"The whole band is obviously having a genuine good time when they take the stage.  It’s not just evident in the music.  Their energy is contagious.  They are much more than just a bunch of good looking mustaches.  They are legit, and going to be around for a long time.  They have just released a new album, City Painted Gold, which is available for download, and they are in the midst of a full tour throughout the States and into Canada.

Catch them this summer at a festy near you!