2017 Music Festival Highlights

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2017 Music Festival Highlights

Another year has passed, and many musical memories were made.  Perhaps not all of them were remembered, though.  So, we dug through our mental files to bring you the best 2017 Music Festival Highlights!

This year, Festy GoNuts continued to grow and morph into whatever it is destined to become. We’ve picked up a few friends and fans along the way, and we are forever grateful for your support and encouragement.  We love music and communities, and that passion brings us to music festivals around the country – where we have the honor of connecting with all of YOU!

So, let’s continue to dance our way across this beautiful land as we focus on 2018 and what is in store for all of us. To all of our Fest Friends, a huge “Thank You!” for making 2017 so very special.

And now, check out our “2017 Music Festival Highlights”!

Music Festivals Attended

States Where We Saw Music

Countries We Saw Music

Amazing Year

Most Impressive Festival

There were so many great festivals this year. It’s hard to narrow it down to one that impressed us the most. When you start to tally the points for the best venue, best vibe, best location, best weather, best music and best friends (or should we say fest friends!) – we have to give the award to Strings & Sol!  (We promise – it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s currently below-freezing and we are missing that Mexican sunshine!)

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Most Stellar Tom Petty Tribute

When Tom Petty passed away on October 2, 2017, we all felt a little part of us die.  To pay tribute, many bands covered one of his popular songs – but that just didn’t seem like enough. His influence on music was so much greater than any single cover.  Fruition gave Tom a proper tribute by covering at least 11 different songs in the weeks following his death. And thankfully, we have recordings of them all.

Listen to Fruition’s 11 Tom Petty Covers

Our Favorite Outdoor Venue

Festy GoNuts may have seemed super focused on Colorado this year – and that’s for good reason!  We moved back into our Boulder home – and we made up for lost time!  Perhaps the highlight was being so close to Red Rocks Amphitheater.  While we didn’t get to as many shows as we’d like (meaning, all of them!) – we certainly caught some shows we’ll never forget!  Our Highlights:  JRAD, Railroad Earth with Leftover Salmon and Keller and the Keels, and a rainy evening with Greensky Bluegrass.

Side Note: Larry Keel shared with us that playing Red Rocks was a highlight of his year, too!

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Favorite First & Heartbreaking Last

This year, our travels took us to Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington.  This venue certainly gets an Honorable Mention in our Favorite Outdoor Venue category – the views are simply breathtaking. The music was also top-notch, and we were treated to two very special shows, and many other 2017 Music Festival Highlights.

Festy First: We saw Vulpeck for the first time at Sasquatch – and what a production! It was a mix of funky motivational speaker / 80’s workout video. Check out a little clip HERE!

Festy Last: At the same festival, Charles Bradley rocked out with so much love and energy. His shows have always left an impression on us, and he will be greatly missed.  Check out his message of positivity during an interview at Sasquatch – HERE!

Charles Bradley at Sasquatch Music Festival

Our Favorite Convention

“It’s not a festival, it’s a convention.”

For the past 3 years, Leftover Salmon has taken over the Historic Stanley Hotel for 3 nights of music and mayhem. We’ve been to all three, and every year gets better. This special gathering brings together priceless moments, crazy memories and mind-blowing music – all set in a spooky hotel in beautiful Estes Park, CO. Let’s just say “WOW!”

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Our Favorite Interview

We feel pretty darn special to get to talk to some of our favorite band members occasionally.  It’s even greater when you feel like you get the band to really open up and share.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with The Jon Stickley Trio at Rhythms on the Rio this past year, and we got some really cool insight into the band and its members.

Check out the interview! 


2017 Favorite Musical Moments

Phish Plays 17 Shows at MSG in 2017

Phish constantly strives to outdo themselves, and perhaps this year takes the cake (or should we say, ‘donut’?!) Following a 13-day run at Madison Square Gardens this summer, they scheduled a 4-day NYE run to round up a total of 17 nights at one of their favorite venues in New York.

Photo Credit:  David Mandelbaum

Sturgill Simpson Busking Outside of VMA's

Instead of attending the ceremony, Sturgill Simpson busked outside of the CMA awards and fielded a variety of questions.  From politics to human rights, Sturgill made his strong opinions very clear. While only about a dozen people noticed, he did raise $13 for the ACLU. But made much more of an impact in other ways.

Boulder's Fox Theatre Celebrates 25th Anniversary

It was good to live in Boulder this past March, since the Fox Theatre celebrated their 25th Anniversary with great acts all month long.  The highlight for us was Leftover Salmon’s show on their actual anniversary date!

Col. Bruce Hampton's 70th Birthday

It’s hard to believe that one show could bring so much joy and so much grief. Celebrating his 70th birthday, Col. Bruce Hampton was surrounded on a stage in Atlanta by his closest friends and some of the greatest musicians of all time. As the end of the 4-hour show came near, the group was playing “Turn Up Your Lovelight” and Col. Bruce Hampton passed out on stage. He passed away later that evening, and the world of music lost a great mentor and friend.

Col Bruce Hampton - Photo by Dave Vann

Photo Credit:  Dave Vann

Festy GoNuts 2017 Music Festival Highlights

Best Winter Festivals: It Might Be Cold Outside, But We’re Still Dancing!

Winter Wondergrass: Steamboat Springs

Mountains, snow, beer, and bluegrass… what more could you want?

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Best River Festivals: Take me to the river, drop me in the water…

Best Adventure Festivals: Up on the hill where they do the boogie…

Strings & Sol

Scuba, snorkel, swim in cenotes and discover Mayan ruins. Strings & Sol is everything you want in a festival – and more!

Read how bluegrass in Mexico means more than poolside jams. 

Best Colorado One-Day Festivals: Music swinging and dancing in the street

Grapes & Grass

What’s better than sipping on rosé and listening to bluegrass while relaxing at Boulder’s premier social club?

Read how the inaugural Grapes and Grass was the perfect pairing of sweet sounds and sweet sips.

LoHi Festival

LoHi music festival makes dancing in the streets of Denver easy.  This little street-festival brings together community vibes and top-notch music for their annual block party.

Find out how a one-day street festival is stealing the show!

Thanks for reliving the 2017 Music Festival Highlights with us!

2017 brought us all through some major highs and major lows, but thankfully music has kept many of us united and connected.

Music inspires so much in all of us, and we are so happy to be part of this huge community.

“Love Will Win Again”, says Vince Herman in Leftover Salmon’s “House of Cards”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Enjoy some of our favorite music festival moments of 2017!