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WinterWonderGrass announces BajaWonderGrass – April 2023 in Baja California Sur

Oct 18, 2022Lineup Announcements

WinterWonderGrass Announces BajaWonderGrass 2023 in Baja California Sur

The intimate inaugural festival takes place April 18 – 20, 2023


What’s in a name? 

When it comes to WinterWonderGrass, the keys here are the wonder and the grass.

While WinterWonderGrass is looking at its 10th year of hosting incredible snowy winter festivals in Colorado, and 7 years in Tahoe, CA, they have been venturing outside of the ice and snow just a bit lately.

For the past few summers, they’ve hosted RiverWonderGrass excursions, taking small groups of musicians and fans on guided rafting trips through Dinosaur National Monument.

And now, they’ve announced a brand new festival, adding BajaWonderGrass to the roster.

BajaWonderGrass will be extremely intimate – capped at 300 people – “in a beautiful remote location along the Sea of Cortez, El Sargento, Baja California Sur.”

The team behind WinterWonderGrass promises a simplified music festival experience, with “No hype, no packages, just an “X” on the map and some of our favorite WWG artists.”

Artists include Pickin’ on the Dead, Lindsay Lou, Daniel Rodriguez, Kyle Tuttle, Mimi Naja, Buffalo Commons and Bonfire Dub.

Guests are encouraged to explore lodging through local Air BnB rentals, camping, retreats, or RV rentals.  Basically, you’re on your own to choose your own adventure for this one!  Which is our kind of adventure!

(We know a thing or two about Mexican Music Adventures)


Tickets are starting at $229, but won’t last long!


See you on the beach!



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