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WinterWonderGrass Colorado 2019: Your Winter Festival Adventure

by Jan 7, 2019Music, Previews

WinterWonderGrass Colorado 2019

The 7th Annual WinterWonderGrass Music and Beer Festival will be held for the third year at Steamboat Springs Resort in Colorado from February 22 – 24th, 2019.  Tickets are SOLD OUT, but you can still purchase tickets through Lyte, a fan-to-fan ticket exchange platform. Click HERE for more information. 

Here at Festy GoNuts, we seek out music festivals that incorporate 3 elements:  Music, Culture and Adventure.  Not only does WinterWonderGrass give us all of these elements, but it embraces them each to their fullest extent.  This year is no exception, as WinterWonderGrass Colorado brings us high caliber music at a magical Colorado mountain town filled with incredible winter activities. 

Here is your complete guide to the 2019 WinterWonderGrass in Colorado!

The Music

Let’s start with the most important element of any music festival – the Music! 

WinterWonderGrass always succeeds in giving us a killer lineup.  If you aren’t completely pumped about this year’s music, well, you’re insane.   

WinterWonderGrass Colorado 2019 gives us some incredible headliners – Trampled by Turtles, Railroad Earth, and The Infamous Stringdusters.  While each of these bands has their own unique fan following, they are going to most likely rock each and every one of you pretty hard over this 3-day weekend.

But let’s get below the headliners, and let’s delve into the real reason we love WinterWonderGrass festivals.  Because the producers of this festival know good music. 

For example, Jeff Austin Band is on FIRE right now, so don’t be late because he plays the main stage early on Day 1.  There’s a reason he’s playing all 3 WinterWonderGrass Festivals this year! 

And how does he feel about WWG?  Austin shared with us, “Scotty Stoughton and the whole crew, they know exactly what they’re doing and they really do it well from every perspective. (The fans) totally want to get down, so that’s exactly what (WWG is) going to give them.” 

So, are you guys ready to get down or what?

Read The Jeff Austin Story:  Put on Your Purple Tuxedo and Go to the Dance Yourself

Possibly the best showcase of female musicians is gracing the WinterWonderGrass Steamboat Main Stage this year – including Lindsay Lou, the Shook Twins, and Bonnie Payne with Della Mae.  Pretty sure you can expect a few collaborations from these rocking women.

If you’re looking for a dance party, then you won’t want to miss The California Honeydrops.  The Honeydrops were creating some serious fun moments at festivals all last year, and they are sure to warm you up at WWG as you dance your butt off. 

Want More?

And as if that’s not enough, we get Fruition and Lil’ Smokies on the main stage! That’s a whole lot of talent wrapped up into two bands.  Pace yourself, people.

And did I mention Billy Strings?  MF Billy Strings?  Enough said.  If you haven’t caught Billy and his band, then I’m not really sure how to prepare you for this mind-blowing experience. If you’ve been privy to a Billy Strings show recently, then please try to prepare the virgins.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and it’s one of the best things to happen to the music world.

WinterWonderGrass also knows that it’s not all about the main stage – because the magic often happens under the tents during the in-between sets.  You go in there to drink beer and get warmed up, but you also get treated to some incredible sets of music.  Sometimes you discover someone new, but often you get an intimate set from some of your favorite bands. 

This year, be sure to check out the Sweet Lillies, Love Canon, Lonesome Days, Wood Belly, Town Mountain, and Chain Station. 

Whatever you see, you’re sure to not be disappointed!

Friday Schedule - Winterwondergrass Steamboat 2019
Saturday Schedule - Winterwondergrass Steamboat 2019
Sunday Schedule - Winterwondergrass Steamboat 2019

Grass After Dark

And then there are the Grass After Dark sets – possibly the best part of the weekend.  If you’re doing it right, there’s a strong chance they’ll ruin your morning ski plans.  But, this is what you came here for, and you don’t want to miss out.  This year’s late-night sets are stellar – and it’s going to be a struggle to choose.  #festivalproblems

Here is the insane Grass After Dark schedule:


Friday, Feb 22 – California Honeydrops with Special Guests

Saturday, Feb 23 – An Evening with Fruition

Sunday, Feb 24 – Billy Strings with the WWG All-Stars


Friday, Feb 22 – The Lil Smokies + Tenth Mountain Division

Saturday, Feb 23 – An Evening with the Infamous Stringdusters


Friday, Feb 22 – Love Canon + Jack Cloonan Band

Saturday, Feb 23 – Jeff Austin Band + Wood Belly


Saturday, Feb 23 – Lindsay Lou + Della Mae

ProTip: These tickets will sell out FAST!  Buy them while you can!   Click HERE for tickets!

WinterWonderGrass Colorado Steamboat 2019

The Culture

WinterWonderGrass is truly a labor of love.  It is no easy feat to produce a music festival in the mountains in the winter. It’s asking a lot out of the musicians, the staff, the volunteers and the attendees!  But WWG gets that – so they GIVE a lot in return. And the result is a community of like-minded individuals coming together to celebrate the best things in life – winter sports, mountain air, incredible music, craft beer and cider, and FUN. 

The creators of WinterWonderGrass stress the value of an experience based on quality, not on quantity.  You’ll find that in so many elements throughout the music festival itself – the high caliber of musicians on the lineup, the perfect mountainside locations, the three large heated tents with side stages, the dozens of craft breweries and local food vendors, the happy hours, the after-hours music, and more!  Everyone involved creates this music festival –  with your experience being as important to them as their experience.  And that’s pretty awesome.

Bring your funkiest winter gear, and your best attitude.  Chances are it’s going to be cold, but you’ll dance off those shivers.  Warm up with some brews in the heated tents.  Hug your friends.

And get ready for a unique music festival experience you’ll never forget.

The Adventure

WinterWonderGrass Colorado found a new home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado two years ago.  It turned out to be an amazing relationship.  The community of Steamboat seems to embrace the WinterWonderGrass community, and the attendees of WWG feel right at home in Steamboat. 

Steamboat Springs really amplifies this winter music festival.  Luxury lodging options, world-class dining, epic ski conditions, thermal springs, breathtaking gondola rides – all in a classic Colorado Mountain village. 

Grab some discount ski passes and hit the slopes.  There are over 165 trails for you to explore, and you’ll add 3600 vertical feet to your annual record. Come a day early, or stay a day late – and extend this music festival experience into a true winter vacation.

And make time to rest those weary bones!  It’s exhausting skiing all day and dancing all night!  Take a soak in some hot springs.  Old Town Hot Springs is right in downtown Steamboat Springs, and the perfect way to rejuvenate your soul.  For a more rustic setting, head over to the thermal pools at Strawberry Hot Springs.  Let WinterWonderGrass be a complete experience, for your mind, body, and soul. 

Winter music festivals may seem like the best thing ever to you, or they may seem like something for the crazies.  Maybe this year, join the crazies and come play outside!

Remember, there’s never bad weather – just bad clothes! 

So, bring your warmest gear, your best attitude, and you’ll be rewarded with one of the most magical musical experiences of the year.  Start off your 2019 with Music, Culture, and Adventure at one of the most iconic music festivals in the country – WinterWonderGrass Steamboat Springs!


For more details on WinterWonderGrass Steamboat 2019, visit 

Read about our experience at the 2017 WinterWonderGrass Festival:

Winter Wondergrass Colorado 2017

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