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Video Premiere: Jefferson Berry & The UAC’s “At The Festival”

by Jun 5, 2020

Video Premiere:  “At The Festival” by Jefferson Berry & The UAC

Jefferson Berry & The Urban Acoustic Coalition, a folk band from Philadelphia,  just released their third album –  Double Deadbolt Logic. 

The album opener “At the Festival” tells tales of the band’s experiences at a variety of music festivals, including Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Philadelphia Folk Festival and Kerrville Folk Festival.

Enjoy the live shots from the Philadephia Folk Festival and the lyrics that pay tribute to the experiences Jefferson Berry compiled over 25 years of attending folk festivals.  Berry feels that the friendships made and the experiences had can only be experienced at a music festival.

Music Festivals On Hold, But Not the Memories

With music festivals put on hold due to the health crisis affecting our planet, we hope this music video helps our fans relive some of their favorite festival memories.

Jefferson Berry shares, “Jam and Folk Festivals are really about what happens after the show (unless, of course, you ARE the show). When the paying customers get in their cars to go home at the end of the night, that’s when the fun begins! Jamming ’til the sun comes up, night after night—it’s a way of life. A way of life that’s been interrupted this summer in the interest of staying well.

And so for my pals at XFest; Club Ned and Heavy Tuesdays at the Philly Folk Festival; and the Swamp, Pirates and Front Porches at Falcon Ridge – here’s a taste of summer. We’ll be jammin’ again soon.”

We hope you enjoy this video:  “At The Festival” ~ Jefferson Berry and the UAC (from their new album, Double Deadbolt Logic).

About Double Deadbolt Logic:  Jefferson Berry & The UAC’s New Album 

article by Maggie Poulos, Mixtape Media

Jefferson Berry & the UAC announce the release of their upcoming full-length LP, Double Deadbolt Logic on May 29th, 2020.  This is the third album from the Philadelphia locals. 

Jefferson Berry & The UAC is a folk-rock band comprised of a coalition that consists of three to seven musicians playing dynamic, danceable songs about the city, good love/bad love, and these strange times.  The band is anchored by the virtuosity of Bud Burroughs, Dave Brown, and Marky B. Berkowitz.

While appealing to both jam band and folk audiences alike, the band is driven by the bass and drums cadre of Uncle Mike and David Rapoport. Complementing all this with a variety of guitar styles, Berry’s songwriting brings a contemporary point of view to a unique wing of Philadelphia’s regional music scene. 

From the drunk on the town to the cop on the take, there’s an interesting tale in the songs of Jefferson Berry. Highlights from Double Deadbolt Logic include album opener, “At The Festival” – a mandolin and acoustic guitar tune born at 3 AM at the Falcon Ridge, Philly or Kerrville Folk Festivals. “Ghosts of California” was written about running away from one’s former home and the guilty return.

All Philadelphians will relate to “Get To The Shore”, a summer love song opening with “just out of town on the bridge, you fell asleep. In the glow of the console, I’m driving us to the beach. We’re not alone on this mission, it’s Friday night, everyone’s going fishing, wishing for nothing more, but to get to the shore.”


Jefferson Berry and the Urban Acoustic Coalition - At the Festival, Video Premiere

Songwriter, guitarist and historian, Jefferson Berry is an original member of the PFS Musicians’ Co-op, has played the Philadelphia Folk Festival several times, and can be seen at many Philadelphia Folksong Society events.

“The challenge songwriters have in these strange times is to come up with songs that are relevant, yet entertaining. Whether it’s the self-validation of social media or our society’s obsession with guns, I think the Coalition has delivered a record here that moves you to the groove,” says Berry. 

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