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Twins of Franklin | Photo by Erika Osterbur

Twins of Franklin on their new album, “This Life” [INTERVIEW]

by May 28, 2024Featured, Interviews

An Interview with Twins of Franklin on their new album, This Life

Header photo by Erika Osterbur.

Interview Contributed to by Krista Vilinskis of Elephants and Flowers Media


When we were first presented with this interview of Twins of Franklin, we were admittedly unfamiliar with Becky Shaheen and Laura Lou, the folk duo from Minneapolis.

The first thing we learned about Twins of Franklin is that they are not, in fact, twins.

The second we they learned is that they are incredibly talented songwriters whose songs feature beautiful harmonies and powerful lyrics that will have you tapping your feet and singing along.

They have just recently released their second album This Life, a follow up to their debut indie-pop album, Low.

We caught up with Becky and Laura to discuss This Life, their inspiration, creative process and more.


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Twins of Franklin "This Life"

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got into music?

Becky: I grew up  in a very musical household and my parents put a large emphasis on music. My dad was a songwriter and band guy so it seemed very natural to pursue it. I loved every opportunity to sing and I was pretty determined to make it a part of my life forever!

Laura: I’m originally from Green Bay, WI and transplanted to Minneapolis  for college, which is where I met Becky, and have lived here ever since! I also grew up in a singing  household, particularly because I have 2 sisters and a Mom, so I’ve been belting harmonies to Disney and Broadway tunes since before I could remember.


Who inspired you to make music? Anyone you admire and why?

Becky: My dad was a huge inspiration and I still admire him! Spoiler alert – he is the bass player in our band. The music community in my high school was also very strong. There were so many amazing bands that my friends and older brother Zach were involved in and it was easy for me to see a place for myself on the local stages.

Laura: I would say my Mom inspired me to make music. She has an incredible voice, but had a bit of stage fright so would rarely sing for people. I think she didn’t want that for me and my musical life, so encouraged me to take center stage OFTEN. She also put me in piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, and dance lessons! I knew I wanted to be on stage from an early age, and having parents who encouraged and supported that was a massive help.

What is your creative process like? For example: what was your process/concept when writing your album THIS LIFE?

Becky: Most of these songs were written from the heart, and we were guided by going with what those songs needed. For me, it made for easy choices! Rootsy, americana, organic vibes would lead the way. Recording the album with Kevin Bowe was awesome. The band had a blast on tracking days and he really captured our emotions and silliness in these recordings.

Laura: My creative process looks a little something like a glass of wine, a guitar, a candle, and just playing chords and humming melodies until something seems to stick. Many of my songs were written late at night on my front porch, and then fine tuned with Becky and the rest of the band during practice. All of our music is really inspired by our personal life experiences, and This Life really details the last 4 years of life and the big life changes that came with it.


What did you learn about yourself when writing and creating your new album?

Becky: That it’s hard to sing while crying. But honestly! Some of the most emotionally charged songs I’ve ever written are on this album. Writing about my young children is such a different experience than writing about falling in and out of love. Even though we have performed and listened through these songs countless times the waterworks start coming on fairly frequently.

Laura: I learned that there is definitely an audience for songs about motherhood! Who knew? It’s easy to feel like we have to write for mainstream listening, but Becky and I continue to be grounded in our desire to write from our heart and write for ourselves. Turns out, songs that affirm the ups and downs of parenthood resonate with a lot of our listeners.


What single is your favorite off your new album and why? 

Becky: The Wait has been consistently my favorite. The song itself is so good, Laura really outdid herself. The melody in the chorus creates some interesting chord progressions and you can tell she is really laying her whole self and true feelings for everyone. The recording supports this song perfectly, with the string arrangement by Chris Koza becoming the wailing of her heart. It sounds so dramatic, but that is how I always hear it!

Laura: If I’m being completely honest, I think I’d say Stuck Inside is my favorite. This song was written in the depths of covid boredom with my husband, before pregnancy or kids and at the beginning of the pandemic. It kinda started out as a joke between us, and everytime we play it I am transported back to that very specific moment in time. I never thought it would actually make it on an album, but when I finally played it for the bandmates, they all agreed it was worthy of its own moment. I love that both Becky’s husband Daniel and my husband Patrick make an appearance on the recording. It feels really personal and special for that reason.


What would you like fans to take away after seeing you perform live and or listening to your music?

Becky: Something we frequently hear (especially from a lot of women) is that our songs have an element of self help, self love, and that is something you don’t always hear in music. Since I was very young, I have always enjoyed looking into an audience and seeing people deep in FEELINGS, both happy and emotionally moved.

Laura: I want people to feel like we are hanging out in a living room together having a chat. We’ve had folks suggest that we spend time rehearsing our between song banter, and of course we try and have SOMEWHAT of an idea of what we want to say about our songs, but most times we are just chatting as friends. We love audience engagement, we love chatting with folks after a show, and we love hearing about how our songs affect people.


What is next for The Twins of Franklin? Any big plans?

Becky: Play amazing shows, write more music, put out another album 🙂

Laura: BIG release show plans, BIGGG plans to absolutely kill it at Lake Harriet Bandshell in July. And then play some more very fun gigs, write new music, record new music, rinse and repeat 🙂






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