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Ticket Holders: What To Do When The Festival is Canceled?

by Apr 2, 2020Culture, Tips and Tricks

So, You Have Tickets to a Music Festival That Was Canceled.

The complete shutdown of an entire season of music festivals seems unimaginable!  In fact, COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) has made the current state of the entire planet totally unimaginable.  Millions of people are unemployed, thousands of businesses have shut their doors – and the state of the music industry seems to be dire.

Every day that this health crisis continues, we are seeing festival after festival get canceled, postponed or rescheduled.

It’s certainly not an easy decision for the festival owners and staff, but these changes must be put in place in order to maintain the safety regulations that have been laid out by the medical professionals and local governments.

We know this has a huge impact on the future of these music festivals around the world, and it also puts a financial burden on the musicians, staff, vendors and more.


But, what about the people who have purchased tickets to a festival that has been canceled?

Don’t fret!  Most music festivals are offering several options for their ticket holders.   Possibly even some options you hadn’t previously considered.



Be Patient

Be patient…if you can.  There are certainly those of you who could really use that refund to help out financially right now.  If you aren’t in any rush, let the festival work through creating a mass refund system that won’t totally tank them!  After all, we want these festivals to stay afloat for their new date in 2020 – or even for 2021.

Join “Fest Friends:  Music Festival Community”, our Facebook group created to provide up-to-date information about music festival that have been canceled, postponed or rescheduled.  Let’s come together to support the future of music festivals around the country! 


Hold On To Your Ticket

Most festivals will honor your ticket for their postponed date in 2020 – or for next year’s festival.  Even if the price increases for next year, you’ve got this year’s ticket price locked in.  And if you can’t go on the rescheduled date, you can sell them to someone who can and recoup your funds!

Your Festival Thanks You!  If this option works for you, you really are doing your part to help keep some of these small festivals from going under.  Keep in mind that many festivals struggle to break-even every year as they compete to bring you better lineups and improved facilities all while spending money on marketing and promotions to stand out in this highly competitive industry.  


Donate Your Ticket

Many music festivals are non-profit organizations!  If so, you may have the option of donating the cost of your ticket to their festival.  You’ll know the money is going to help a music festival survive this crisis, and you’ll be get a write-off on your taxes.  Even if the festival isn’t a 501c3, you may be able to contribute to a fund to help them support their employees, vendors and dozens of others who are losing income. 

The Bluebird Music Festival (Boulder, CO) has been canceled.  This event brings in 70% of the annual funds for the Future Arts Foundation, but you can still help!  Donate your ticket funds:  https://www.bluebirdmusicfestival.org/

Rooster Walk (Martinsville, VA) has been canceled.  This festival raises money for scholarship funds and school instrument programs.  If you are able,  donate your funds to help keep the festival and its charitable contributions afloat:  https://roosterwalk.com/info/charities/


Ask for a Refund

If a festival is canceled indefinitely, you should be able to get a refund directly from where you purchased the ticket.  Keep in mind, you may have to contact the festival directly.  Many festivals that have been rescheduled or postponed are simply requesting that ticket holders send an email if they would like a refund.  Check the festival website or social media pages for their specific details. 

Remember #1:  Be Patient.  This is a crisis, and everyone is trying their best to navigate an unexpected situation. 

We are completely devastated to see so many in the festival world struggling during this health crisis.  Just remember, the number one goal for all those involved is to ensure the health and safety of all the attendees, employees, musicians, vendors, and volunteers. 

There are plenty of Virtual Music Festivals and Events happening right now that you can enjoy from your couch.  So, take care of yourself and one another.   Stay safe and stay at home.   The world thanks you. 

Discover more ways you can help the music industry during this health crisis: 

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