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Strings and Sol 2024

Strings & Sol 2024 Guide: Lineup, Theme Night, Activities and More in Puerto Morelos, MX

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Strings & Sol 2024 Guide: Lineup, Theme Night, Activities, and More in Puerto Morelos, MX


Strings & Sol, hosted by Cloud 9 Adventures, takes place in Puerto Morelos, MX, December 12-16, 2024.  Returning headliners Greensky Bluegrass, Yonder Mountain String Band, Infamous Stringdusters, Leftover Salmon, and Railroad Earth will be joined by Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway, Kitchen Dwellers, Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band, and Jon Stickley Trio.


Welcome home, SolMates!

There’s nothing better than being greeted at the gates of Now Sapphire Resort by a familiar smiling face, saying “Welcome Home” while offering a cool towel and a beverage, as soon as I step out of the taxi.

Festy GoNuts has attended Strings & Sol perhaps more than any other music festival, and there is damn good reason for that.

Take a look at our previous Strings & Sol coverage to really dig into what makes this event so very special.

In a nutshell, Strings & Sol is home.

And, like home, it is incredibly comfortable, familiar, relaxing and easy.

Easy is the key word.

It starts with the convenience of a flight to Cancún – quicker and cheaper than visiting family in Baltimore – on to the simplicity of exiting the airport to find a smiling driver holding up a sign with your name, and a couple of cold Dos Equis.  Drink up quickly, because it’s only about a half-hour to your destination!

Then there is the resort.  Everything is so convenient

When people ask why I go to Strings, I usually mention that I can be dancing barefoot in the front row of a Greensky show, leave during Leap Year to use the bathroom in my own private residence, and return to the front row before the Whoa Whoa begins.  (Just kidding.  I would crap my pants before leaving during Leap Year!)

Hungry?  Hit the buffet.  Thirsty?  Too easy.  A smiling server will grab you a beer just about anytime, anywhere.  Including at the front row of a Greensky Show, in the middle of a Whoa Whoa.

So, when I say that Strings & Sol is home, I am assuming that your home has a team of incredibly efficient and lovely butlers and servers, with an open bar, and a 24/7 chef.  Oh, and all of your favorite bands are crashing in the basement.

I almost forgot – Home is also on a beach in Mexico.

Yeah, I take that back.  Strings & Sol is way better than home!





Strings and Sol 2024

Image Subject | Location – Festival | Photographer

Strings & Sol 2024: THE MUSIC

Ok, all the wonderful things we talked about in the intro to this article are great, but let’s face it, we’re here for the music.

For about a decade, Strings & Sol has been anchored by the same 5 bands, with a rotating cast of supporting artists.

Greensky Bluegrass and Yonder Mountain String Band serve as the host bands, playing 3 sets of music each.

The other returning staples are The Infamous Stringdusters, Railroad Earth, and Leftover Salmon, all of whom play 2 sets, and typically other activities and special appearances.

Then there are the other acts, which are the reason returning SolMates anxiously await the lineup announcement each spring. This year (as usual) we were greatly rewarded for our patience, as Cloud 9 again hit it out of the park.

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway are at the top of the list, making their first appearance at Strings (although several members of the band have certainly attended in the past).  This talented group has been crushing it, appearing on stages all over the land, landing a Grammy along the way.

Kitchen Dwellers are one of the best live bands on the circuit right now, and their return to Strings & Sol was met with much excitement after their much talked about 2022 performance.

Both Molly Tuttle and Kitchen Dwellers will be playing 2 sets throughout the festival.

Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band are making their second official appearance at Strings & Sol.  We say official, because this supergroup is comprised of members of Leftover Salmon (Andy Thorn), Infamous Stringdusters (Travis Book), and Greensky Bluegrass (Anders Beck), along with Jon Stickley and Robin Davis.  When Jon Stickley played the festival with his Trio in 2017 there were rumors of a reunion, but it didn’t go down until 2021, although some late-night beach jams came pretty close.

Speaking of Jon Stickley Trio, they are making their return to Puerto Morelos for the second time, but, as mentioned, Jon has been in attendance with Broke Mountain more recently.  Aside from  his Broke Mountain duties, 2021 will be remembered as the year that Vince Herman was unable to attend due to a last minute health issue, and Jon Stickley amazingly stepped up to take over all of the guitar duties for Leftover Salmon.

With this much talent on hand, the opportunities for collaborations and sit-ins are as ripe as the pineapple in the floating Fruit Barge (yeah, that’s a thing).   These planned and unplanned collabs are part of what makes this such a special event.


Strings & Sol 2021: Josh Timmermans Photography

Infamous Stringdusters | Strings & Sol 2021 | Josh Timmermans Photography

Strings & Sol 2024: Activities

Strings & Sol has released the first round of activities, which means there are more to come!

The announced activities are some of the bonus fun that makes Strings more than a music festival, and more than an all-inclusive vacation.

Sure, anyone who has been to an all-inclusive resort can tell you there is typically some sort of poolside game, maybe water aerobics, and of course a talent show.  But at Strings, the Bingo is hosted by The Infamous Stringdusters, the Cornhole Tournament is hosted by Yonder Mountain String Band, and the Charity Bartending gets Travis Book and Dave Johnston behind the bar pouring up tequila!  (Vince Herman has done this in the past, but this demotion is likely due to his very heavy hand!)

If previous years are any indication, the next round of “activities” are what really makes this festival special.

We say “activities” because many of these are actually very special sets of music, if you read between the lines.

In the past we’ve seen The McCoury’s Story Hour, Adult Swim with Erik Deutsch, Unplugged en la Palapa w/ Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, to name a few.

We’ll be anxiously awaiting further announcements, and let you know as soon as they come through!

Strings and Sol 2024 Activities

The first round of activities for Strings & Sol 2024

Strings & Sol 2021: Josh Timmermans Photography

The Mandolin Swim at Strings & Sol 2021 | Josh Timmermans Photography 

Strings & Sol 2024:  Theme Night

We are HUGE fans of festival themes, and there is something even more fun about completely embracing a theme with a thousand like-minded music fans on a beach in Mexico.

At Strings, everyone goes all-out for the theme, including the artists.  And this is only the official theme.  If you follow the official Strings & Sol Facebook Group (you should), you will see a handful of fan-created “unofficial” themes, covering every night of the festival.

Yeah, you’re going to need a bigger suitcase.

For 2024, the official Strings & Sol Theme is Strings & SOUL TRAIN!

We’re pretty stoked about this. 

Let your creativity go wild, and stay tuned for some awesome theme-oriented stickers from Festy GoNuts!


Strings & Sol 2024 Theme: Strings and Soul Train
Festy GoNuts Strings and Sol Themes

A few Festy GoNuts relics from past Strings & Sols.  What will we come up with this year?!

Strings and Sol 2015

Pixies and Pirates was the theme in 2017!

Strings & Sol 2024: Positive Legacy

We are visitors and guests in Mexico, and in Puerto Morelos.

Strings & Sol has partnered with Positive Legacy over the years to ensure that we are making a positive impact while traveling to a foreign land and throwing a music festival.

Through charity auctions, special activities and a Day of Service, Strings & Sol guests and Positive Legacy have raised over $300,000 since 2012!


Positive Legacy, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arm of Cloud 9 Adventures, is committed to integrating live music and service by inspiring music fans and artists to take action. Positive Legacy’s goal is to positively impact the communities we visit during Strings & Sol by planning activities and hands-on ways to bring a deeper sense of purpose to your trip.

Stay tuned for more info on how to leave a positive legacy in 2024 including:

  • Participate in a Day of Service and donate an afternoon to make improvements in the local community.
  • Pack some donation items to provide necessary materials for local Central Vallarta schools and medical clinics.
  • Take home a special memento from Strings & Sol by bidding in our Charity Auction.
  • Donate a unique or handmade item to our Charity Auction.
  • Join Poolside Bingo and make a donation to Positive Legacy to buy bingo cards!
Strings & Sol Positive Legacy

Positive Legacy Day of Service at Strings & Sol

Strings & Sol – why you should definitely go!

As if we haven’t given you enough reasons?

Expect the the unexpected at Strings & Sol.  You never know what will happen, and who will be involved!

Sunrise picks with most of the headlining artists?  I’ve seen it.  Maybe even joined in on the inflatable bass for a bit.

30 people on stage at the same time?  It’s possible!

A bass-off lead by (and won by) Vince Herman?  Check.

Birthday piñatas?  Yup.

Waterslide dunk-a-roos with tequila shots and face slaps?  Ummm….

Cannonball contests with members of Greensky?  Late night palapa jams?  Dance parties with DJ Bontzilla?  Animal “Anahuac” (Animal-ahuac) pool float wars with Anders Beck? 

Of course.  

Anything can happen at Strings & Sol. 

What definitely will happen are new friendships that will last a lifetime.  A trip you will remember forever is guaranteed.  A feeling of bliss that carries over for weeks after your return to the States is certain.

Yes, SolMates, we are the lucky few, and we do not take this for granted for a single moment.

See you soon – can’t wait to welcome you all home!


Splash Mob at Strings and Sol 2019

Splashmob made quite the splash at Strings & Sol 2019.

Strings & Sol 2021: Kyle Tuttle

Everyone takes time to relax at Strings & Sol!

The Mayor McCheese at Strings and Sol

You never know who will show up at Strings & Sol!

Strings and Sol 2017

The amazing staff are part of the party at Strings & Sol!

Strings_and_Sol_2016: Vince Herman Poolside Rodeo

Just some clowning around with Vince Herman!

Strings_and_Sol_2016: Cocktails in Pool

Smiles for miles and not a care in the world!

Strings and Sol 2019 Best Moments

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