Spread the Word Music Festival Review

by May 18, 2018Music, Reviews

The 6th Annual Spread the Word Festival was held in Denver this past weekend – but this time with a new twist. 

In past years, Spread the Word Music Festival has been held at a variety of different music venues around Denver, Colorado – and that provided a unique opportunity for attendees to cherry-pick the venues and the bands they wanted to check out over the weekend-long festivities.   However, this year the producers decided to really gear Spread the Word Festival towards those who love the feeling of a music festival.  One location, multiple stages and an incredible variety of local Colorado bands – all under one umbrella simply titled “Spread the Word” Music Festival. 

And this year, I think they finally hit their stride.

Was it perfect? No.  But most festivals aren’t.  Was it a step in the right direction?  Absoposilutely!  And we’re stoked to see what this festival will grow to become in the upcoming years. 

Here’s what they nailed this year:

Spread the Word Music Festival


This year’s Spread the Word Music Festival really strived to bring in a variety of genres of music – all while supporting the local music scene.  From funk to bluegrass to electronica, there was something for every music lover in the Front Range. 

Perhaps the best part was how all of these music genres still seemed to overlap and complement each other.  All the bands that the creators of “Spread the Word Music Festival” chose seemed to feature one similar element:  DANCE! 

It was a booty-shaking weekend – from one stage to the other, from daytime to evening.  Every band brought the party, and every act on stage was a delight to see perform.

Spread the Word Music Festival
Spread the Word Music Festival


Fox Street Compound was an incredibly unique setting for a music festival – and we’d bet that we’re going to see a lot more activities happening at this kick-ass location.   It’s full of breathtaking murals, creating an ultra-stellar urban landscape. 

The warehouse stages make you feel like you’re at an old-school rave, while the main stages are set amongst an industrial cityscape background.  A 30-foot long bright red phone frames the right side of the main stage, while stage-left is highlighted by a pail and shovel that you could slide down (if it wasn’t safely placed “backstage”). 

Live artists were spotted creating geometrically-focused paintings while DJ’s were “spinning” on their iMac under metal roofs. The potential for art installations abounds, and this venue is the perfect blank canvas to continue this creativity.

Spread the Word Music Festival
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Community Vibe:

Without getting cheesy and pushing the “PLUR” mantra (that’s Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect for those not in the know), the positive vibe at this year’s Spread the Word Festival was palpable.  This Colorado music festival makes a point to feature local musicians and artists, all while supporting local food vendors and local companies. 

Quality was clearly a key factor, and it was apparent that they didn’t let in just anyone.  It was a tight-knit community that came together to promote something they felt strongly about – their love for Colorado musicians and artists. 

And that’s a pretty killer community. 

Spread the Word Music Festival

Spread the Word Music Festival is a growing force in the Colorado music festival scene, and this year it may have found a new platform to build upon.  With a new central venue full of artistic endeavors and a weekend full of artists and interactive projects, Spread the Word Festival has planted new roots at the Fox Street Compound in 2018. 

Look for this Colorado-focused music festival to grow and prosper in the upcoming years.


For more information about the Spread the Word Festival lineup and details, visit our Spread the Word Festival Preview.

Spread the Word Music Festival

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