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Best Restaurants Near Red Rocks Amphitheater

Oct 18, 2022Red Rocks

Red Rocks Dining: Best Restaurants Near Red Rocks Amphitheater


Red Rocks Amphitheater is simply the best outdoor venue in Colorado, probably in the whole country, and possibly in the entire world.  (Fight me on that.  I dare you!)

But, a visit to Red Rocks is not without its challenges.

Having as much information as possible is paramount to getting the most out of your Red Rocks visit, and having the best possible Red Rocks experience you can.

Knowing where to stay when visiting Red Rocks, how to get to Red Rocks, where to park at Red Rocks, and what to bring into Red Rocks are all key to crushing Red Rocks like a pro.


And knowing where to eat when attending a Red Rocks concert will make you look like a seasoned veteran.


There are several options for dining at Red Rocks Amphitheater, including many choices of concessions inside the venue. But, lines can be long and prices can be steep, so many people choose to head to Red Rocks early and stop at an area restaurant.

Tailgating at Red Rocks is also part of the experience, so packing a meal to enjoy in the lot is always a great option.


But if you are able to stop in one of the neighboring towns, you have a wealth of dining options and plenty of terrific area restaurants to enjoy before your Red Rocks concert.


Red Rocks Dining: Best Restaurants Near Red Rocks Amphitheater:


There are plenty of restaurants within a few miles of Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Many lie in the nearby town of Morrison, but can experience crowds before a Red Rocks show.  Options in Golden may be easier to access, but slightly further to Red Rocks.  There are also a few smaller mountain towns near Red Rocks that are definitely with a visit.   Denver and Boulder have too many restaurants to list!  If you’re coming from one of those areas and plan to eat closer to your home base, have fun!  

Whichever you choose, be sure to be aware of Red Rocks showtimes and when the doors open.  You can always call this number on the day of the show to confirm times: 720-865-2494


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Red Rocks Dining Options in Morrison 

Morrison, CO is a great little town near Red Rocks, and worth a visit on its own.  However, based on its proximity to Red Rocks Amphitheater, restaurants can fill up on show days, and the town on a whole can be pretty busy.  But, if you allow plenty of time and make reservations to dine, you can still make Morrison restaurants a great option for eating before a Red Rocks show.

Morrison Inn

Morrison, CO  |

Distance to Red Rocks: 1.7 miles

The Morrison Inn is a terrific spot in the charming nearby town of Morrison, CO. With award-winning margaritas and an awesome patio, this a great spot to pre-game for a Red Rocks show.  Plus, they often have live music on the patio as a bonus.

Tony Rigatoni’s

Morrison, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 1.7 miles

Tony Rigatoni’s is one of our personal favorites for dining near Red Rocks. Also in the town of Morrison, Tony Rigatoni’s features amazing pizza, calzones, and pasta at reasonable prices, so you can carb up before your dance-fest!  There’s also a cute patio shaded under trees.

Hungry Goat Scratch Kitchen & Wine Bar

Morrison, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 1.8 miles

Depending on your tastes, Hungry Goat may be a little more upscale than you might be thinking for dining before a Red Rocks concert.  This is Colorado, however, and everything is still a bit casual.  Plus, the food is delicious and the patio is adorable.  Why not treat yourself?

The Fort

Morrison, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 3.3 miles

The Fort is a unique place with an interesting history.  You will definitely get a hardy mealy here.  The Fort isn’t in downtown Morrison, which means that you won’t have to deal with the pre-Red Rocks show crowds as much.


Red Rocks Dining Options in Golden

Golden is another great Colorado town near Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.  Larger and more spread out than Morrison, Golden has many more options for dining.

Colorado + 49 Cidery & Pub

Golden, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 8.3 miles

Colorado + 49 is a unique spot for dining before a Red Rocks concert, in the nearby town of Golden.  Located in an old laundromat, Colorado + 49 features craft cocktails and a locally-inspired scratch kitchen.

Nomad Taqueria and Beer Garden

Golden, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 3.4 miles

Nomad Taqueria technically has a Golden address, but actually is on the road just outside of the park, in the Origin Hotel (the only official Red Rocks Hotel).  Nomad is a large restaurant with ample seating that should be able to accommodate your crew ahead of a Red Rocks show.

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company

Golden, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 9.4 miles

Cannonball Creek isn’t a restaurant, but there is a rotating selection of food trucks parked right outside.  Cannonball might have the best beer in Colorado and consistently takes home awards in multiple categories at the famed Great American Beer Festival.  Conveniently located right on Route 93, Cannonball is a terrific spot to pregame before a Red Rocks event.

The Golden Mill

Golden, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 9.4 miles

The Golden Mill is a food-court style restaurant.  There are 4 different restaurants, so it should be easy to accommodate the different tastes of everyone if you’re meeting a group to dine before a Red Rocks show. There’s a tap wall with 46 taps, featuring local brews, cocktails and wines in a self-serve system.

The Eddy Taproom and Hotel

Golden, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 8.5 miles

The Eddy Taproom has a terrific rotating selection of brews, and an extensive menu of seasonally inspired mountain cuisine.  As a bonus, The Eddy Taproom and Hotel is also one of the most convenient lodging choices for Red Rocks.


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Other nearby dining options for Red Rocks


Sit ‘N Bull Saloon

Indian Hills, CO | Sit ‘N Bull Website

Distance to Red Rocks: 6.5 miles

Sit N’ Bull Saloon is s self-described “no-frills mountain bar.”  As a spot to eat before a Red Rocks show, this isn’t going to be 5-star cuisine, but it is going to be a unique and fun experience in an authentic Colorado mountain saloon.

Murphy’s Mountain Grill

Evergreen, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 11.3 miles

Murphy’s has a good range of apps, burgers and entrees, with a milkshake menu as a bonus.  Located in Evergreen, this is a good option for dining before a Red Rocks show, as it puts you in a different direction for exploration, getting a little further up the 74 canyon.

Switchback Smokehouse

Evergreen, CO |

Distance to Red Rocks: 9 miles

Switchback Smokehouse has a ton of house-cured and smoked meat options.  Order a la carte, and choose your sauces, sides and salads.  Get the mac n’ cheese.  Don’t worry you’ll work it off climbing those Red Rocks stairs!

Black Hat Cattle Company

Kittredge, CO |

The Black Hat Cattle Company is in Kittredge, a little closer to Red Rocks than Evergreen, up 74.  A nice seafood menu accompanies the expected offerings of delicious steaks, in a warm environment.


Red Rocks Amphitheater Nearby Dining Options

As you can see, there are plenty of options for dining nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater.  Morrison and Golden are both towns worth visiting with plenty of restaurants to choose from.  Evergreen is another area near Red Rocks with dining options.  Of course, if you are coming from Denver or Boulder, the world is your oyster.  It just depends on how close to Red Rocks you want to be.

Regardless of where you choose to dine, please be sure to eat before you go to red Rocks, or plan on eating at the venue.  But make sure you eat!

Seriously.  We see too many people come in from out of town, start consuming 12% IPAs and 30 mg gummies, and forget to have dinner.  That usually turns out bad.

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