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Pete Kartsounes Songs in the Key of Love Album Cover 2024

Pete Kartsounes to Release New Album in March 2024

by Mar 5, 2024Featured, Featured Artists, Music, New Releases

article by Andrea Vielma
Love is a melody that turns life into a beautiful symphony, and nowhere is this more evident than in the unveiling of award-winning singer-songwriter Pete Kartsounes‘ newest album, “Songs in the Key of Love.” This soulful adventure delves into the universal experience of love, drawing inspiration from over two decades of journeys of the heart as its muse.
With a prolific career spanning thirty years and over 300 songs, Kartsounes carefully curated eleven love songs for this groundbreaking concept release, marking a first of its kind in both concept and form. A true embodiment of the enduring power of love, this album showcases Kartsounes’ versatile talents in songwriting, instrumentation and arrangement. Singularly performing, producing, and engineering each track, Kartsounes even went so far as to skillfully arrange French horns and string ensembles for a full orchestral sound.
The album manifested during a 72-day deep dive recording session at Dreamweave Studios in Bend, Oregon. The immersive recording session resulted in a uniquely sultry sound, capturing the heartfelt dynamics of Glen Hansard, the textural realms of Pink Floyd, and the thoughtful melodic electric guitar soloing reminiscent of John Mayer.
“Songs in The Key of Love” is not merely an album; it’s an emotional experience resonating with the complexities of the universal human experience. Kartsounes artfully weaves a sense of emotional yearning with his signature soulful and smokey voice, accompanied by silky tones of an old Telecaster and nostalgic ambiance from a recently restored 1960 Gibson tube amp.
In a career defined by musical exploration, Pete Kartsounes’ “Songs in The Key of Love” captures the essence of love in all its facets, from longing to love found. This album is an invitation for listeners to connect with the heart threads that bind us all, as Kartsounes poignantly expresses, “It’s not my story, it’s our story.”
The album was mastered by David Glasser of Airshow Mastering in Boulder, CO, and is set to release on March 22nd, 2024.  It will be available on all major streaming platforms and at the website:
Pete Kartsounes 2024 Album Cover

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