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Mysterious Monolith Appears at Boulder Restaurant

Dec 5, 2020

Monolith Appears at Boulder, Colorado’s McDevitt Taco Supply

December 5, 2020 – Boulder, Colorado


When the staff at McDevitt Taco Supply showed up for work early on the morning of Saturday, December 5, they had no idea of what was awaiting them.  

Standing on the sidewalk, between two tables, directly in front of McDevitt Taco Supply was a giant 10-foot tall, solid metal three-sided monolith. 

McDevitt Taco Supply is known for its Boulder restaurant and food carts, as well as its Super Heady Tacos, found at many a  music festival, providing necessary sustenance to late-night revelers with their party vibe and fun, eclectic taco-slingers.

If you had never heard of a monolith until recently, you’re not alone.  Suddenly, however, monoliths are all the rage, since the mysterious recent appearance and sudden disappearance of a similar structure in the desert of Utah.

First 2001: A Space Odyssey, then Utah, now… Boulder?

“I was shocked when I got into work this morning,” says owner Bradford Mcdevitt.  “I’m sure we’ll find out who is behind it soon, but I like the mystery of the whole thing!”

Maybe it was Aliens? There have been a number of reports of strange lights in the Colorado sky.  Maybe it was the restaurant orchestrating a hoax, but the staff, management, and owners have denied that.  A friend playing a trick?

Maybe, just maybe, it was some other outside force of goodness, recognizing the need for a little light and positivity in the 2020 newsfeed, spreading some joy to Colorado taco lovers.

Either way, it is impressive, and you should go check it out before it too mysteriously disappears. 


Read an interview with Bradford McDevitt as the JamCruise Festival Chef

Mysterious Monolith outside McDevitt Taco Supply in Boulder, CO
Mysterious Monolith outside McDevitt Taco Supply in Boulder, CO
Mysterious Monolith outside McDevitt Taco Supply in Boulder, CO
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