How to Cope with Music Festival Withdrawal

by Oct 2, 2016Adulting 101, Culture, Tips and Tricks

I had been looking forward to so many fall festivals this year.  The stellar lineups didn’t slow down after the summer closed out.   Deep Roots Mountain Revival, The Festy Experience, Hillberry Harvest Moon Festival…my calendar was full of amazing music festivals to help me transition into the cooler months and keep me busy until Strings and Sol in Mexico.

Then a job offer fell in my lap…one that I knew I couldn’t turn down.  After all, writing about music festivals doesn’t exactly pay the bills – yet.  Plus, Mexico was so much fun last year that we want to extend our trip a few weeks this year.  So, it was time to hit the road again – but this time for work.

While the job is allowing us to travel around the country and catch up with some of our favorite bands along the way, I am still suffering from major music festival withdrawal.  I am really trying to be excited for all of you going to these beautiful fall festivals, yet secretly sooo jealous you all get to enjoy shows that I have had plans to attend for months!  (Seriously – stop posting photos and videos.  You all are breaking my heart!  Scratch that – share more videos please.  I hate missing these amazing sets.)

If you are experiencing similar symptoms of jealousy as you scroll through your friends’ Facebook pages, I want to share with you some ways I have found to cope with “Festy Withdrawal.”  


Find Support From Festy Friends

We don’t need to suffer alone.  There are many of us feeling similar withdrawal symptoms.  Lean on your Fest Friends for support.  I have been lucky enough to run into some of our favorite festival friends all across the country as we drive around for work. (#shonttour)  I don’t know where I’d be without them…probably lying in a fetal position writhing with pangs of jealousy during a couch tour. Your Fest Friends are everywhere, so make plans to meet up and support each other during these rough times.


Set Up a Tent in the Woods

Did you know people sleep in their tents without a music festival going on around them? I believe they call that camping.  It’s actually a really nice experience, and this time of the year is one of the best times to get out there and enjoy some nature.  Take along some of your musically talented friends and you all can jam around the campfire – isn’t that one of your favorite parts of a music festival anyhow? Relive the moment.


Attend a Local Couch Tour

Another way to find support from fellow music lovers, group supported couch tours are popping up all around.  No, I don’t mean the Urban Dictionary definition of couch tour (couch tour: a method of obtaining free room and board by which a person, often referred to as a couch surfer, freeloader, or house spook, overstays his welcome at a succession of homes, often mistakenly believing that his nonexistent charm earns him this right.)  Couch Tour for the music lover is when one obtains a live video stream of a show they can’t attend in person and invites their friends over to their house to sit on the couch and watch it together. Search Facebook and ask your Festy Friends to find a Couch Tour in your area.  If you can’t find one, start one.  Again, seek support from your friends and loved ones.

Relive a past music festival – go camping… and bring instruments!


Go See Live Music

This one seemed pretty obvious, but I guess I should throw it out there for those who are in so much pain they just can’t think straight.  Your favorite bands aren’t just at music festivals – they are also playing at local venues all around the country.  Support local music and local music venues – they will support you in return.  We have actually been seeking out all the bands that we were supposed to see at fall festivals, and we are trying to catch them in different venues and states while we are on the road for work. 


Plan a Road Trip

Maybe timing isn’t working out for you to get to that fall festival you have been dreaming about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the road.  I find that traveling to see one of my favorite bands is one of the best ways to add to the musical experience.  Grab your music-loving buddies, fill up that gas tank and spend the weekend driving to a new location to see one of your favorite live musical acts.  Throw in some cool new places to check out, like visiting a National Park or a finding the biggest ball of twine.  It’s all about the adventure!

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and last, but not least…


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