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Fall Festy Favorites: Music Festival Gear For Cooler Weather

Sep 29, 2022

Fall Festy Favorites:  Essential Music Festival Gear For Cooler Weather


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We don’t stop the party just because summer is over!

Fall Music Festivals are the best.  We’re past the heat of summer, the days are lovely, the nights are crisp, and the cider is flowing.

Music festivals go year-round, with some even taking place in Colorado in the winter!

So, yeah, you need to be prepared.

But luckily there is a ton of awesome gear out there to help you be your fest self, regardless of the temperature.


So, here are some of our Favorite Festy Finds for Fall – Essential Music Festival Gear for Cool Weather:

Music Festival Gear: Poler Campforter

“Campforter” by Poler

We LOVE our Poler Campforter.

It’s a poncho.  It’s a blanket.  It’s a cozy bundle of joy that we use day and night when we’re camping and festivating.

The Poler Campforter is such a versatile piece of festival gear that you’ll use it year-round, and not just at music festivals!


Music Festival Gear: Puffin Drinkwear

Puffin Drinkwear

We just can’t get enough of Puffin Drinkwear.

Sure, we have a ton of can koozies, but none are as adorable as our Puffins!

Just look how cozy our beers are.  And they have styles for every season and occasion, to ensure your beverage is as festive as you are!

Music Festival Gear: Propane Fire Pit

Propane Fire Pit by Outland

A propane fire pit is a fall music festival must.

The temps might go down at night, but you still need a place for a late night pickin’ party after the main stage closes down.

This Propane Fire Pit by Outland is simple, affordable and high quality.

Music Festival Gear: Bindle Sip & Stash

“Sip & Stash” by Bindle 

There are hundreds of water bottles on the market, but how many of them can do this?

The Bindle Sip & Stash bottle is a great hydration bottle for taking anywhere, but the real selling point is the ‘stash’ compartment in the bottom. 

Use your imagination, but the possibilities here are pretty endless.  (Fall music festival?  Cider in the top, whiskey in the bottom?!)

Music Festival Gear: Wallaroo Hats

Wallaroo Hats

A good hat is an essential piece of festival gear all year.  In the fall, the sun is still blazing, but the air can have a chill that gets to your noggin’.

Wallaroo makes amazingly comfortable and stylish headwear for men and women. 

This Colorado company (bonus!) has a “vision to create functional, fashionable hats that are comfortable, packable, and effortless to wear— and to bring on all your travels.” And FESTIVALS!

We’ll vouch for ’em! SUPER comfortable, fun, and functional. A FAVORITE FESTY FIND, for sure!!!

Music Festival Gear: Tarpestry


If you don’t yet own a Tarpestry, you’re missing out!

Tarpestry makes “Water-resistant outdoor blankets and decorative tarps that put a buffer between you and the elements. Get close to the earth, without getting the earth on your pants.”

These are essential gear for any music festival.  Or picnic. Or party.  Pr trip to the brewery.  Day at the beach.  Chill in the backyard.  You get it.  

With a ton of styles to choose from, you don’t need to stop at one!

Winter Beanie With Light

Ok, this is one of those products that made us slap our heads and say, “Doh!  Why didn’t we think of that?!”

It’s pretty much a no-brainer for cool-weather music festivals.

Why struggle with a headlamp and a beanie, when you can get a beanie headlamp?!


Music Festival Gear: Waboba "Sink or Drink" game

“Sink or Drink” by Waboba

Maybe it’s football season, or back to school, but something about Fall makes us think of playing games.  And drinking.  And playing drinking games.

Waboba has a ton of awesome games for music festivals and tailgates, but one of our favorites is “Sink or Drink.”

Sink or Drink offers a new take on a classic party game, and you can pretty much set it up anywhere.  (Hang it from a tent, a tree, a car, your tallest friend…)



Music Festival Gear: UCO Stakelight

“Stakelights” by UCO

UCO makes lots of really cool gear for camping, but their products are as stylish as they are functional, which is why we choose them for our music festival gear lists.

But when it comes to the Stakelight, this is just a pure necessity.

Especially in the fall when the nights are longer, lighting up those tent stakes to keep people from tripping over them is a game-changer.

Music Festival Gear: Animal Hat and Scarf combo

Warm Plush Animal Hat & Scarf Combo

You need to be comfortable and stylish when you are dancing at music festivals in the fall.

This Animal Hat and Scarf Combo will do the trick!  

Wrap up in this plush festival accessory and keep the party going all night!

Music festivals happen year-round.  It’s a beautiful thing.  But, with fall music festivals comes a different set of challenges to maintain your comforts while you’re dancing away.  In autumn, you need to prepare for cooler weather music festivals, and have the proper gear.

We hope our list of cool weather music festival gear has helped to prepare you for fall music festivals.  Your fall festival attire still needs to be fun and funky, while keeping you comfortable. Your fall festival gear needs to be sturdy and functional, but still have a bit of style. 

If there is something you recommend, a product or brand that we should include here, please drop us a line and let us know!  

We are always looking for the best products for music festivals.  We constantly search for festival gear to include in our Favorite Festy Finds.  

Do you have a product or brand you would like us to review for a future article?  Get in touch!

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