Music Festival Adventures

Music Festival Adventures: By Festy GoNuts!

We are excited to announce that Festy GoNuts is working even harder to help your music festival Go Nuts by providing customized music festival adventures!

What does this mean?

We know that attending a music festival can be an endeavor.

It can involve months of planning, large financial commitments, and lots of time off from work.  But that’s the good part, right?!

Festy GoNuts helps make the planning easier for you, starting with all of the tips and tricks we supply in Adulting 101.

Now, we are taking it one step further…

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and jump right into planning your next music festival adventure!

What is a Music Festival Adventure?

Well, you should read this article about Discovering the Adventure in Music.   This will clear a few things up.  But don’t leave yet… we’ll summarize.

A Music Festival Adventure is everything surrounding a music festival:   the travel to the festival,  the side trips you make on the way, the festival itself, the friends you make there, and the trip back home.

So, what are Festy GoNuts’ Music Festival Adventures?

We propose that you extend the before and after periods of the adventure as much as possible.

If you have your car packed and are ready to camp for 3 days in a field for a music festival, why not spend a few extra days and camp in a National Park?  Book a flight for a music festival in a different state?  Add an extra few days to explore the surrounding area!  Headed to a destination festival in a foreign country?  Take some time and explore!

Make your music festival an adventure!

We’ll help.

Here’s how:

  1. For starters, we will be providing information, tips, and advice on things to do nearby our favorite festivals.
  2. We’ll take it one step further and provide a fully customized itinerary for you and your crew, based on your time, budget and interests.
  3. Want even more?  We’ll take it all the way and go ahead with all the major bookings for you as well!  Just sit back, relax and start planning your costumes!  (We’ll actually help with that, too, if you’d like!)


Get ready to make your next festy Go Nuts!!!

 Music Festival Adventures

We are working hard to create itineraries for upcoming music festivals in the United States.   

Are you ready to start planning a trip to a music festival, but would like us to help suggest a travel itinerary that would enhance your vacation?  

Drop us a line, and we will help! 

Stay tuned for more music adventures!


Music Festival Adventures

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