Discovering the Adventure in the Music!

by Jan 4, 2017Adventure

The Music Festival Adventure

When we first decided to pursue our passion and conceived of Festy GoNuts, we thought of the elements of live music that keep us coming back again and again. 

Like the earth, wind and fire of the natural world, the elements of live music are:  the music, culture and adventure. 

The music is obvious. It’s the reason we do what we do. 

Not many people would willingly choose to travel to Detroit in mid-winter just to go party with their friends.  We can (and will) do that anywhere.  No, it is the music that draws us, binds us together, keeps us dancing.  Music relates us, finds common ground among people that might have overlooked it in another time and place.  We do this for the music, plain and simple.

The culture surrounds and envelops the music. 

The culture lives within all of us individually, but among the music has a platform, a voice, a reason.  The culture is why we feel comfortable letting go completely, shedding our inhibitions and being our fest selves!  The culture is the reason we can go to a festival covered in glitter, dressed as a taco, brandishing a whip and a unicorn, and fitting in completely!  The culture is what makes the music more than just music.

So that brings us to the music festival adventure.

What is the adventure element of the live music?

If the music is the reason we travel around the world, and the culture is what we embrace once we have reached our destination, what is the adventure?

The adventure is the story we will tell years from now. 

The adventure is the memory we make surrounding the event.  The adventure is the road trip across the country, the flight to Mexico, the hike to the waterfall, the trip into town, the time spent with friends.

The adventure is all of it.  While we may fly across the country to see a show, is it really for the four hours of music, or is it the entire experience? 

The adventure is the the entire experience.


That is why Festy GoNuts is planning to focus even more on the music festival adventure.


Buckle up.  It’s gonna be a helluva ride.

The Music Festival Adventure!
The Music Festival Adventure!
The Music Festival Adventure!
The Music Festival Adventure!
The Music Festival Adventure!

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