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INTERVIEW: Mae Simpson on “Goodbye,” musical inspiration, more.

Aug 30, 2022Interviews, News

Mae Simpson Interview: Simpson on making music, writing “Goodbye” and more.

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Mae Simpson is a musical and vocal powerhouse whose live performances make waves and get everyone on their feet.

Mae Simpson, along with her incredible band, manages to dive into various styles, blending genres while retaining a sound that is uniquely their own. 

The latest release by Mae Simpson is “Goodbye.”  The song and accompanying video for the new single provides a good look at the many musical styles and overall infectious energy of Simpson and The Mae Simpson Band. 

Of “Goodbye,” Simpson says, “Goodbye is really shedding all the negative energy around you. Letting go and walking away from the past. Maybe that’s a bad situation or person, or maybe it’s something within yourself you are walking away from to be more confident or out there being your best self. It’s a fresh and positive way to look at leaving something behind that doesn’t serve you. “

MAE SIMPSON "Goodbye" cover

Mae Simpson Interview


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got into music.

Mae: I first got into music when I was very young. Listening to my mom sing all the time had an impact on me as a child. Professionally I started here in MN in 2018. I really started digging into what my sound was and what I could do with my writing and my voice.


Who inspired you to make music? Anyone you admire and why?

Mae: I think I would say my mother. She was constantly singing to us as kids and that really stuck with me. She also made me watch Bruce Springstein videos on VHS haha. I feel like there are many people I admire. Bruce, Tina Turner, Prince, Brandi Carlile. so many passionate people who understand how to connect through music. I feel like all the greats understand the grind, it’s constant and every time it’s truly worth it. You have something, so go there and get your dreams.


What is your creative process like? For example: what was your process/concept when writing your new single Goodbye?

Mae: Our creative process happens in a lot of ways. Sometimes I bring songs to the guys and then they create their parts around the skeleton. Or we sit in the room and I say “Let’s make a song” Or, one of the guys will bring in an idea and we work off that. A lot of times I have a melody in my head and we dig into the melody and branch off different ideas and tones.

For Goodbye, The guys were listening to Jackson 5 and Jorgen, my guitarist started getting the groove. I started singing the lyrics “Goodbye good looking, goodbye for a while,” and then the song really took off. With us, it’s all about the collective and we really come together in the process of making the music.


What did you learn about yourself when writing your new single Goodbye?

Mae: For me, it was a moment of realizing that it’s okay to say goodbye to things in a positive way. To be a better version of yourself. To choose yourself. Also, I mean, at the end of the day it’s a song about leaving something that no longer serves you. That’s okay! That doesn’t mean it has to be a downer song. you can go forward positively.


Do you have a new album coming out anytime soon and if so when?

Mae: We do!! We are working on our full-length album that will come out sometime early next year. With a bunch of new material and some older songs as well. We are very excited because it will show how versatile our band is. I never like to write in a box so with this album no one should expect any less. We are still us and will show that power throughout but it will also have a dynamic sound to it as well. That’s all I can say at this time but be on the lookout early next year for the album!


What would you like fans to take away after seeing you perform live and or listening to your music?

Mae: I think that’s for them to decide but I truly hope they understand it’s not all about us being on stage. I built this band to connect with people and dreams. I hope people see that and feel it. One person’s success can mean a lot of others are as well. I hope at the end of the day when someone sees us they feel good and empowered. To go out in the world and be exactly who you are with no shame or guilt. To soak in who you are.


What is next for the Mae Simpson group? Any big plans?

Mae: Big plans all over the place. We will tour off the album next year! So excited! Also will do a few tours in the midwest yet this year.

Sep 16th, In Madison for Live On King Street

Sep 17th, In Fargo At Drekker Brewing

We will be back at First Ave in Minneapolis as well in the winter

Many more dates as well as finishing up the album!


(Interview questions contributed by Krista Vilinskis)


Be sure to check out Mae Simpson on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and her website for many more shows listed.

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