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Where’s Your Liver? An Interview with Liver Down the River

Jul 7, 2019

Where’s Your Liver?  An Interview with Liver Down the River

By Sophie Schwartz

Liver Down The River, the ‘Funkadeligrass’ band based out of Durango, CO, that is shakin’ up the bluegrass scene with tasty, yet far out jams that make you want to boogie till the morning comes. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the band members to discuss their music, experiences, and recent tour season. 

Liver Down the River

Liver Down The River formed in 2012 and has hit the road yet again this summer to tour in Colorado and the surrounding area.

The band includes Patrick Storen on the mandolin, Derek Abt on the bass, Michael Todd on the keys, Emily Winter on the violin and Cy Fontenot on the drums. When I asked how tour season was going so far this year, the band admitted that there had been obstacles and bumps in the road, but that there’s nothing this band can’t handle!

Liver Down The River is most excited to be able to jam and enjoy good music every weekend, and that’s exactly what they’ve been up to. Liver is always pushing their boundaries on and off stage, to harness the spirit of Bluegrass, Funk, and Psychedelic Rock n Roll as they develop their music together.

When asked about their songwriting process, the band explained that it usually starts with one band member creating the structure for a new song and then bringing it to the rest of the band to be fine-tuned. But, in other instances, genius strikes during a hot jam together and a new song is born! While there is no news yet on any new albums, the new “chunes” are always in progress.  

Liver Down the River
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Outside of songwriting, Liver Down The River spends its fair share of time having fun and working hard.

When asked how they interact with their fans, the band admits, “Well we love hittin’ the river, hanging at late night pickin’ sessions, and we’re always growing the Liver Fam. In addition, for those who are out of reach, we recently set up a Patreon account that allows people to connect with our creative material for just a dollar a month!”

Liver does have to dedicate time to the logistics of touring as well. Derek is known for fixing the bus when it breaks down, and describes bus maintenance as “a continuous process”.  I wanted to learn more about what life is like for the Liver Down The River members as they tour all throughout the summer together. Each member can agree that both the best and worst part about touring and being in a band is indeed, “the farts”!

Good and bad times aside, Liver Down The River has had some odd and exciting times together while on the road. Craziest experience while touring together? “We were broke down on the side of the road, and Derek was waving our band pirate flag out of boredom. Concerned citizens of North Carolina called the police believing we were ISIS! The cop bought a CD.”

Liver Down the River

Liver Down the River is a fun loving group of musicians who dedicate their time to making their shows and music an experience that can be enjoyed by all.

For a funkadelic hoedown that you won’t want to miss, check out their tour schedule here and don’t miss them at the Arise Music Festival this year, August 2-4 in Loveland, CO!

Liver Down the River
Liver Down the River
Liver Down the River
Liver Down the River

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