Jeff Austin Interview: Full Audio Recording

Apr 13, 2020

When we interviewed Jeff Austin in December of 2018, we had no idea of the tragedy that was to come. 

We spoke to Jeff on the phone from his home during a rare break in his busy touring schedule.  He was relaxed and at ease, and the conversation lasted an hour. We were giddy after the exchange, left with the feeling that we had just made a new friend, because that was how Jeff could make you feel.  We also knew we had the makings of a fantastic story.

When we published The Jeff Austin Story: Put On Your Purple Tuxedo and Go To The Dance Yourself, it received an incredible response – from the fans, and from Jeff. 

After Jeff’s passing, the interview stood as a reminder of the man that Jeff was, and continued to be shared and enjoyed by fans and friends longing for more from the man who left us all too soon.  It possibly served as a helpful tool in the therapy and coping we all needed in a such a difficult time.

We have re-listened to the audio of that phone interview several times.  Hearing Jeff laugh, tell stories, open up completely – it has been both joyful and painful, but we wouldn’t trade that conversation for the world.

Jeff Austin is never far from our minds and hearts.  We know many of you feel the same, so we have decided to make the entire audio file available to you. 

We hope this brings you some joy, and helps to continue to honor the memory of Jeff Austin.


Please consider donating to The Jeff Austin Family Fund.

The Jeff Austin Interview

Recorded on December 18, 2018.

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  1. BRIAN o

    Thank you so much for posting this full interview with Jeff Austin. I was a huge YMSB fan back in the day and he truly was one of a kind. Last time I saw him was at that Big Sky, MT show with Sam and it was really something special. I’ll miss you Jeff.

    • Jason

      Thanks for listening! Jeff left a void that will never be filled, but luckily he also left a wealth of recordings, so we can keep him with us always!

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