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Green Disco Partners with High Tide Festival to Reduce Environmental Impact

by Sep 18, 2023Culture, Featured, News

Green Disco Brings Environmental Awareness to Festival Attendees

by Annalise Rotunda

Born from the pandemic, Green Disco has been a catalyst for reimagining the environmental impact of the live event industry by introducing sustainable measures to music festivals across the U.S. What makes Green Disco truly stand out is their passion to better help festivals understand and reduce their emissions and waste, while providing attendees opportunities to offset their carbon footprint through verified local and international projects.

Green Disco aims to create environments where every fan can connect to the energy of the event while knowing their direct effects on the ground they’re dancing on.

Most recently, Green Disco partnered with South Carolina’s High Tide Festival to help the event stay true to its environmental ethos and support marine-based impacts. The ocean and coastal region are very close to the heart of High Tide, with the festival held at the beautiful waterfront in Charleston.

Attendees were able to buy Eco-Bands on top of their festival tickets with the purpose of supporting Seven Clean Seas, an organization pulling millions of pounds of plastic from exceedingly polluted waterways around the world. Eco-Bands supported a Seven Clean Seas project in Bintan, Indonesia – a biodiversity hotspot that is home to over 150,000 people and several marine protected areas. Bintan faces significant effects from marine plastic pollution, and the lack of proper waste management infrastructure allows plastic waste directly into the surrounding marine ecosystem.

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Green Disco Brings Environmental Awareness

A Simple Band Makes a Huge Impact

The Eco-Band program removed over 2,800+ lbs of plastic from some of the world’s most polluted waterways through its partnership with Seven Clean Seas (learn more here). High Tide founder Nick Randise explains how “making an impact outside of our event’s gates is something we strive to do. The Eco-Band program allowed for a truly meaningful environmental impact, and we are looking forward to growing with Green Disco and continuing to set a precedent for live events around the world.” Sustainability is at the forefront of both High Tide and Green Disco’s missions, and their partnership demonstrated how intentional collaboration generates a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

Green Disco has helped previous partners divert up to 93% of waste from reaching landfills, plant over 92,000 trees locally and internationally, and offset over 137 MT CO2e through accredited projects.

Looking forward, Green Disco recently went live with their Eco-Band program for 2023’s Borderland Festival in Buffalo, NY. At Borderland, the purchase of an Eco-Band directly contributes to the removal of plastic pollution from Western New York waterways and helps support Borderland Festival’s onsite environmental programs. 

Green Disco is extremely receptive to new ideas and hearing from people passionate about their cause. Reach out to with thoughts, potential projects, or just to rant about your environmental concerns.




Green Disco is a public benefit corporation helping events connect deeper with their audiences through the planet. They develop customizable climate programs that benefit the environment, improve fan experiences, and drive new revenue. 

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