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Festy From Home with The Keels

Nov 12, 2020

Festy from the Futon HOME: An Introduction

Welcome to SEASON 2 of Festy from the Futon, now called Festy From HOME!

We had a blast bringing you Season 1 of Festy From the Futon, but, alas, we upgraded our furniture.  Being in our 40’s, we decided it was time to move on from our futon.  (Don’t worry, we still have it. It’s now in the basement.)

Festy from the HOME is meant to inform and entertain.  Originally conceived as a way to stay connected and engaged with all of you during our Coronavirus quarantine, we hope to continue this project indefinitely.

In each episode, we will bring you music festival news, interviews with artists and other music industry personalities, segments from the ‘Festy Kitchen’, and any other goofy fun we come up with!

Our At Home With… series will give you a glimpse into the home life of some of your favorite artists as well!

We hope you’ll join us on this adventure!

Festy from the Home: At Home With The Keels

Welcome to Season 2 Festy From the Home with Festy Go Nuts.

On this episode, we catch up with Larry and Jenny Keel from their home in Virginia.  Larry has just released a brand new album, American Dream, on which he records every instrument on every track!  It really is an amazing album, and we have a great time chatting about the recording process and the inspiration behind it.

We also talk to Jenny and Larry about their time at home, when they normally would be touring full-time.



Just want to listen?  Here’s the audio-only version:

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Desperate times, right?

Seriously, though, many of you may not know about the ‘behind the scenes’ of Festy GoNuts.

Festy GoNuts is run entirely by Jason and Kelly Law, and is very much a labor of love.  Sure, we get to see amazing music and go to wonderful festivals, but it doesn’t exactly pay the bills.

For our ‘day jobs’, we run a marketing company, GoNuts Marketing. Many of our clients are in the hospitality or entertainment industries – including several restaurants and musicians.

Needless to say, work is in short supply at the moment. (Need marketing assistance? Let us know!)

We, along with everyone else, are reaching out to our community for support.

We would love to continue to bring the music coverage and news that the Festy GoNuts audience has come to expect.

We hope that in sharing stories, news and events, we are making a positive impact on the music community, and helping others in need.

By supporting Festy GoNuts, you are, in effect, supporting the artists and festivals that we all love so dearly!

Thank you for supporting Festy GoNuts!


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Jason has been in love with the festy lifestyle ever since his first festival experience, The Great Went in August of 1997. Whew. That was a while ago. Jason loves the way festivals free us from the constraints of the outside world, and let us be our true "fest" selves!

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