Festy Five with Jon Stickley Trio

by Aug 28, 2017Festy Five

The Festy Five with Jon Stickley Trio

The Festy Five is a a quick-fire, short answer round.  It’s how we like to finish our interviews.


We recently caught up with Jon Stickley, Lyndsay Pruett and Patrick Armitage of the Jon Stickley Trio at Rhythms on the Rio Festival.  They had just finished their set, and we got them to open up about adventure on the road, a possible Broke Mountain Bluegrass reunion, and being a band with big balls!


Read the entire interview with Jon Stickley Trio here!


After the bulk of the interview, we hit them with the Festy Five:


What was your first concert?

Lyndsay:  Grisman Quintet.  My mom just told me this. I was 9-weeks old

Patrick: The Cure (Jason: “My favorite band of all time!”)

Jon: I don’t remember, I can’t say.


 What was your first music festival?

Jon: Festival for the Eno. (Durham, NC, on the Eno River)

Lyndsay: Florida Folk Fest.

Patrick: Lollapolooza 1992,  in Minneapolis.


 What was the last album you listened to?

Lyndsay: Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious.

Patrick: His Golden Messenger, his last record.  (Heart Like a Levee)

Jon: Tyler Childers.  I listened to his whole new album on the way out. It’s amazing!  (Jason: He’s playing right now, and we’re making you miss it!  Jon: It’s okay. It’s a long set.)


 What was your high school prom’s theme song?

Patrick: I went to an arts school.

Lyndsay: I don’t remember that. I went to an arts school too!

Jon: What is that? Something you listened to on your way to prom? It might have been Green Day’s Time Of Your Life.


OK, last one: Favorite Breakfast Cereal?

Lyndsay: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Patrick: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Jon: Um, I would say a tie between Frosted Mini Wheats and Raisin Bran.

Lyndsay: ewww…

Jason: What’s wrong with you?

Jon:  Fiber!