To Buy or Not To Buy? (Buy!) | Deciding on tickets to a music festival

by Feb 15, 2016Adulting 101, Tips and Tricks

That is the question...

Nah, not really. 

When it comes to music festival tickets, we usually buy!

Buying Music Festival Tickets – Yeah or Nay?  (Yeah!!)

You may be on the fence about buying music festival tickets, and struggling to decide if you should take the plunge or not.  Well, we say Go Nuts and jump in, but we wouldn’t be doing our due diligence as a responsible source for all things festy if we didn’t at least give you some tips on how to make this all important decision. 

So here are  a few things to help you decide whether (YEAH!) or not (BOOO!) to go nuts and grab up those music festival tickets before it’s too late!

Boo.  Money. 

It sucks, but we can’t ignore the power it has over our actions and activities. 

Don’t get sticker shock if a festival you are dreaming of turns out to cost a bit more than expected.  There are other things to consider along with the ticket price:


Instead of looking at just the overall cost, look at the overall value you are getting.  If 10 of your absolute favorite artists are performing, and you would gladly pay $50 to go to one of their shows, then the festival just may be worth it, regardless of cost. 

Also, be sure to look into all the costs associated with the festival when weighing in on this category.  Include camping and parking fees into your ticket cost if they are not already.  For example, a ticket to Del Fest doesn’t include parking, which runs an extra $55.  (Of course, Del Fest is worth every penny.)

Ticket Tiers

Music festivals will very often release tickets in intervals, with a price increase at each interval.   This is usually done with setting dates for the price increase, but sometimes this is done with a set ticket quantity, or with both, using whichever comes first as the cutoff. 

Keep these ticket tiers in mind when making your decision.  Mark the dates on your google calendar and set reminders!  Nothing sucks as much as deciding to take the plunge, only to realize that deciding yesterday would have saved 50 bucks (or more!). 

Where is the music festival?

Location and Venue are two of the most important factors in making your decision to go!  (GO!)


Is the venue an amazingly wonderful location that would be a treat to spend a weekend in regardless of the festival?  Are there other free activities on the festival grounds that add value to the ticket, or are you lined up tent to tent in what normally is a cow pasture the other 51 weeks of the year?  

What do you perceive you will get out of this experience aside from the music? 


A music festival is an all-encompassing experience, and getting there is most definitely more than half the fun. 

Understandably, however, time and money may be an issue, and a festival too far away may require extra days off of work and a greater expense. 

If these aren’t make-or-break issues for you, don’t think of a far-off festy as an inconvenience, look at is as an exciting opportunity for an amazing road trip and an adventure of the lifetime!


There are a few things to look at as far as the timing of a music festival…

When is the music festival?! 

Will there be  problems with work, travel, other commitments, etc.?  Will you actually be able to attend this festy, or is it smack dab in between your sister’s wedding and your grandpa’s 100th birthday party?  (Obviously sis and grandpa shouldn’t have to take a back seat to your festy-going, but they should have thought of this before they set their dates!  C’mon, gramps!  What were you thinking?!)

The other timing issue is about ticket sales (which, you are probably noticing, is a big theme of this post! 

How much time do you have to decide on this?  How much time do you have to come up with the money?  How much time do we all have before the earth is engulfed in a giant solar flare?  These are all important questions.  Some even relevant to this post.

This is very important: Never buy tickets to resell them for a profit!  That is illegal and wrong on many levels.  Reselling tickets for a profit makes you a scalper, and a jerk.  You don’t want to be a jerk, do you?

Resale Possibilities

Perhaps the number one factor we use in deciding to buy or not to buy is whether or not we can resell the tickets!

How do you know the resale potential of the music festival?   Attendance, cost and timing.   

If there is any chance this music festival will sell out, then you will have no problem selling your tickets and brightening up someone else’s day when they realize they can still go, even though they didn’t read this post and ended up without tickets! 

If the tickets are being released in tiers, then you can definitely resell as long as you get in on one of the earlier tiers. Once the price goes up, someone will gladly take yours off your hands at the lower tiered price.  (This goes back to not being a jerk. Don’t be a jerk.)

ALWAYS check if tickets can be transferred!

We prefer to have physical tickets mailed to us so as to easily hand off to someone else.

Some festivals only operate a “Will Call” system.  In this case the name would need to be changed if the tickets are sold.  Be sure to check into this before purchasing! is the best place to buy and sell music festival tickets.

Pro Tip!

Cash or Trade is a face value ticket community, and should be your first stop when looking to sell (or buy) music festival tickets!
All of these factors should help you pick which side of the fence you are really on when trying to decide whether or not to buy those music festival tickets.

So what are you waiting for?  Buy the tickets!!

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