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Festy GoNuts Favorite Festivals: Summer 2024

Festivals We’re Looking Forward To This Summer 2024: Best Music Festivals

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Best Festivals 2024: We’re Really Looking Forward To These Summer 2024 Music Festivals


We’ll try to keep this post updated, but depending on when you are reading, there’s a chance that a festival on this list has already happened.  If that is the case, either: a) build a time machine (We suggest using a hot tub, DeLorean, or phone booth) or b) make sure you check it out next year!


We LOVE festivals. Obviously.  That makes it extremely difficult to narrow ANY list of festivals down to a ‘best of’ list.  (Which we may or may not have succeeded at).

The festivals on THIS list are near and dear to our hearts, for various reasons.  They all have fantastic lineups of artists in amazing locations, but they also have a little something extra.


Here are the Top Festivals We Are Looking Forward To (Summer 2024):


Rhythms on the Rio Music Festival 2022 | Festy GoNuts

Festy GoNuts at Rhythms on the Rio Music Festival 2023

Yarmony Music Festival 2024 Lineup Graphic


June 28-29
Rancho Del Rio, CO

Yarmony has been one of our favorites for years, but we haven’t gathered together in celebration of Yarrrrrr since 2019.  But this amazing river festival is finally returning after a 5 year hiatus.

The lineup is a fantastic selection of mostly Colorado artists, which fits the Colorado-family vibe of this fest, but there is certainly some world-class talent on the roster, starting with headliner Lindsay Lou.

Playing in the Colorado River and watching daytime sets on the famous floating stage is just unmatched.  Dressing like a pirate and drinking rum all weekend is a bonus!

DON’T MISS SET: Tenth Mountain Division sadly just announced they will be taking an indefinite hiatus, with their Yarmony performance being their second-to-last.  It’s gonna be a heater.

Blue Ox Music Festival 2024 Lineup


June 27-29
Eau Claire, WI

We were lucky enough to attend the very first Blue Ox Music Festival in 2015, before Festy GoNuts even existed.  THAT lineup was incredible.  So good that we made a lifestyle out of going to music festivals and returned officially in 2016.

This festival has just continued to get better and better every year, which seems impossible based on how good it was a decade ago!  And they are going all in for their 10th year!

A beautiful campground, incredibly well thought-out venue, fantastic staff, and all the midwestern charm you can imagine combine with consistently one of the best lineups around to make Blue Ox a don’t miss!  

DON’T MISS SET(s): There are so many good ones to choose from, but we have to go with the High Hawks.  The folks at Blue Ox absolutely know what they are doing, giving this super-group 2 sets!

Great Blue Heron Music Festival 2024


July 5-7
Sherman, NY

This is one of the best-kept secrets in New York!  Great Blue Heron is loved and adored by everyone who has attended this wonderful fest in its 30 years.  Heading into the fourth decade of Heron, there’s no signs of slowing.

Known for an unparalleled campground on The Heron Farm, this is very much a family affair, with activities for kids and a fantastic swimming pond.  But make no mistake, there is a party at the Heron, as the dance tent attendees will testify to!

Heron always brings in a very well rounded roster of artists spanning many genres, and this year is one of their best. 

DON’T MISS SET: Cool Cool Cool is made up of most of the former members of Turkuaz, and this set will definitely be a dance party!

4848 Festival Lineup

4848 Festival

July 18-20
Snowshoe, WV

4848 likes to refer to its annual mountain festival in Snowshoe Mountain Resort as a “festication,” and we really like the sound of that.

We’ve been to summer music festivals on ski mountains in the past, and these mountain playgrounds are a fantastic way to enjoy a festival. 

Gorgeous views, decent rates on accommodations, mountain biking, wildflowers and more combine with this incredible lineup, plus delicious food and microbrews.  

DON’T MISS SET: It’s gotta be The Flaming Lips performing “Yoshimi,” right?  (Takes sideways glance at Molly Tuttle and Golden Highway… 👀)

Rhythms on the Rio Music Festival 2024 Full Lineup


August 2-4
Del Norte, CO

Yes, another Colorado festival.  But we just call it as we see it!

Rhythms on the Rio is in their 17th year.  Not many festivals have consistently brought in such fantastic lineups year after year like Rhythms has.  

This festival recently moved from South Fork to Del Norte, resulting in a much better camping experience with tons of shade under a beautiful grove of cottonwood trees.  Plus the town of Del Norte has several decent restaurants for those looking to escape the fest for a moment (why?), AND an amazing River Park directly across the street.

Rhythms is very family friendly, which makes sense, since the entire festival is a benefit for the South Fork Music Association, providing instruments and lessons to school music programs across Southern Colorado.

Plus, this killer lineup!

DON’T MISS SET: Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country is playing 2 sets on Saturday night, including a set recreating Bob Dylan’s “Nashville Skyline” album that will be legendary!

Annapolis Baygrass Music Festival 2024 Lineup graphic


September 21-22
Annapolis, MD

We raved about the Inaugural 2023 Annapolis Baygrass Music Festival, saying that the first-year fest in Annapolis “felt like home.”

Along with all of the attendees of Baygrass ’23, we were blown away by the music, culture and adventure of this new fest, and what they managed to achieve in year one.  Baygrass managed to pull off a near-flawless festival, and made it seem like they had been doing this for years.

So you can see why we’ve been anxiously awaiting the Baygrass follow up to ’23.  How do you follow that?

The answer – by going even BIGGER AND BETTER for 2024! 

This lineup is simply one of the best we’ve seen for any festival anywhere.

DON’T MISS SET: Cris Jacobs is one of the few returning artists from ’23 after reuniting Smooth Kentucky at the festival last year.  This time he’s listed as “Cris Jacobs & Friends.”  Knowing who his friends are, and who appeared on his latest album, this set has star-power written all over it!   👀

NOTE: This barely makes the cut for Summer, as it technically occurs on the Fall Solstice.  BUT, we’re Festy GoNuts, not Festy Go-have-a-bunch-of-rules.

Strings and Sol 2024 Lineup

Strings & Sol

December 12-16
Puerto Morelos, MX

Yes, this is cheating because it takes place in December, but it will definitely be summer at Strings & Sol!

Do we really have to tell you why we are looking forward to Strings & Sol?

It’s simply the best.  The best people.  The best location.  The best music.  

We can’t wait to get home to Strings!

DON’T MISS SET: All of them.  And that’s no problem – we will catch them all! But that Broke Mountain Bluegrass on the beach…

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