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Denver-area ‘don’t miss’ shows for October 2019

by Sep 25, 2019

Denver and the entire Front Range of Colorado enjoy some of the best live music in the land.  From Boulder to Fort Collins, Aspen to Colorado Springs, there is something amazing happening literally every night.  With iconic venues like the Boulder Theater, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Cervantes, Belly Up, Washingtons, etc., etc., etc., the best musicians in the country are sure to always make a stop somewhere in the Denver-area.

October 2019 is no exception, with a calendar overflowing with amazing options for everyone.  

It was tough to narrow it down, but below is a list of the all-around best live music options in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

There were too many to include them all, but hit up just a few of these and you’ll be the envy of your friends from around the rest of the world.

Also, check out the list of the Best Under-The-Radar Shows below to find out about some sure-to-be epic events that you might not have heard of

The Raconteurs

The Districts

10/9  Mission Ballroom, Denver

The Raconteurs are back!  Led by guitar freak Jack White along with Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence & Patrick Keeler, these guys just put out the first new music we’ve heard from them in ten years!  The Mission Ballroom show is a “phone free” affair, so EVERYONE will be forced to actually watch and listen to the entire show!  This means you too, Chad!

Yeah, a good old fashioned rock show without being shared to anyone’s ‘story, or retweeted or ‘grammed or whatever.  Just shut up and listen.  


Killing Joke

10/15, 16  Pepsi Center, Denver

Tool.  Seriously, Tool!  Do we need to say more?

With a brand-new album that somehow had Taylor Swift fans up in arms (“Who is this band knocking Taylor off the charts?!!”), Maynard, Danny, Justin and Adam are back.  If you’ve never seen this iconic band and their amazing visuals accompanying their one-of-a-kind sound, you are in for something!

Kitchen Dwellers

Ghost Town Drifters • Special Guests

10/10 & 10/11 Cervantes Other Side, Denver

The Kitchen Dwellers, out of Bozeman, MT, have been making waves throughout the festy circuit around the country for their high-energy throwdowns.  Their Jeff Austin Tribute show earlier this summer in Boulder was legendary, and they are creating droves of new fans with every performance.  Give these guys two nights to show you what they’ve got and they will do that and then some! 

Ghost Town Drifters have been forging a name for themselves on the Front Range, so don’t sleep on the opener for this one! 

The New Mastersounds

Ghost Note

10/10 Fox Theater, Boulder

10/11, 10/12  Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver

The New Mastersounds are celebrating 20 Years with a  3-night Colorado run supported by Ghost Note.  Eddie Roberts and company are shredding any stage they hit, but Colorado shows always seem to get even more love!  With Ghost Note – “an explosion of sound” – joining them, these shows are going to be fire!

Wu-Tang Clan

10/29  The Mission Ballroom, Denver

10/31 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison

Wu-Tang Clan still ain’t nuthin; to F with.  Can you really pass up the opportunity to see this iconic hip hop band?  Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of 36 Chambers, Wu-Tang will be taking over the Mission Ballroom on the 29th, then headlining an epic Halloween party at Red Rocks with Jedi Mind Tricks and Immortal Technique.  Enter the Wu!

Roy Orbison & Buddy Holly

The Rock & Roll Dream Tour

10/7 Lincoln Center, Fort Collins

10/8 Paramount Theater, Denver

10/9  Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs

Ok, if you’re reading this and thinking, “Damn, I thought these guys were dead!”, you’re right.  They’re very dead.  Which is why this is on the list!  Have you ever seen a performance by a couple of dead guys?  Yeah, we all heard about the Tupac hologram, but this is a couple of rock legends in hologram form ‘performing’ with actual live bands and backup singers.

Admit it, you’re curious!


10/29, 30, 31  The Mission Ballroom, Denver

It’s HalloWEEN in Denver! 

What could be better than a 3-night run of the cult of Ween!  With no openers, Dean, Gene and the whole band are back to put on a 3-night stand of epic proportions.  Grab a hotel in Denver, get your tickets, and settle in for the spookiest, Weeniest HalloWEEN of your life!

The Bluegrass Generals: Caravan to Wondergrass

Pickin on the Dead • Meadow Mountain • Winter Wonder Women • Banshee Tree

10/3 Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom/Cervantes Other Side

The Bluegrass Generals, the local ‘super-group’ started by Chris Pandolfi and Andy Hall of the Infamous Stringdusters, always  brings the heat.  Chris and Andy will be joined for this one by Drew Emmitt (Leftover Salmon), Adam Aijala (Yonder Mountain String Band) and Andrew Altman (Railroad Earth).   Oh yeah, Andy Thorn (Leftover Salmon) will also be in the building with Pickin’ on the Dead, along with Deadphish Orchestra.  Add in the talent of the Winter Wonder Women, and there are sure to be plenty of impromptu sit-ins, collaborations and jams!

Caravan Palace

10/14  Ogden Theater, Denver

A Caravan Palace is part burlesque, part funk, part circus, part electronic and part jazz.  Plus lots of other stuff.  And a ton of fun! 

With an incredible band and a high energy performance, Caravan Palace puts on a SHOW, not a concert. Put on your dancing shoes (and pants and hats) and join the party! 

Bob Dylan and His Band

10/17  Thw Mission Ballroom, Denver

Bob Mother Effin’ Dylan!  Yeah, no holograms here.  It’s actually him. 

Sure, he’s getting pretty old, and can’t sing like he used to (and let’s face it – he never used to), but the man is a legend.  One of the most prolific artists, poets, songwriters of the past several genaerations, Bob Dylan has influenced just about everyone. 

Give the man some respect, and go see him live!  Let’s face it – there probably won’t be many more chances.

Best Denver-area Under-The-Radar Shows

One of the best things about the Front Range of Colorado is the incredible amount of musical talent that abounds here.  The number of musicians living in Denver alone is astounding.  This often leads to some pretty epic off-the-radar sets.  Members of different bands tend to form short-lived super-groups or perform one-off concerts that are the thing of legend. 

The level of musicianship in this area also leads to some national-touring acts to fall under-the-radar when passing through, sometimes lost in the sea of amazing music we enjoy.

So, just so you don’t miss a beat – here are the Best Under-The-Radar Shows for October:

Tank and the Bangas: Green Balloon Tour

10/11  Gothic Theater, Englewood

10/12 Fox Theater, Boulder

Singer and poet Tarriona “Tank” Ball fronts Tank and the Bangas, a group that is unlike any other you will see this month, possibly this year.   This five-piece group has a rare knack for combining various musical styles—fiery soul, deft hip-hop, deep-groove R&B and subtle jazz—into one dazzling, cohesive whole that evokes the scope of New Orleans music while retaining a distinctive feel all its own.

Watch Tank and the Bangas to see what you’re missing if you don’t catch them!

The Drunken Hearts

Bison Bone

10/5 Cervantes Other Side

The Drunken Hearts are celebrating the release of their latest album, Wheels of the City. Produced by Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth, and producer of more great albums than we can count), Wheels looks to be an amazing follow up to 2018’s The Prize. 

Always an incredible high energy throw-down, the Hearts are sure to rock the shit out of Cervantes in celebration.  You’ll want to be there when they do!

The High Hawks

Vince Herman • Adam Gruel • Chad Staehly • Brian Adams • Will Trask • Tim Carbone

10/18  Fox Theater, Boulder

10/19 Cervantes Other Side, Denver

10/20 Aggie Theater, Fort Collins

This is one of those groups that a lot of unknowing folks might glance over on the calendar as something they’ve never heard of.  That’s because you’ve never heard of them.  But when Vince Herman enters a project, with members of Great American Taxi and Hardworking Americans, along with Adam of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and Brian of Deadphish Orchstra, you’d better pay attention.  Oh, and Tim Carbone! 

Yeah, this is definitely one to mark on the calendar!

Tori Pater and Friends with Benefits: Songs of ’69

Pixie and the Partygrass Boys

10/4  Cervantes Other Side

Tori Pater is turning 50, and celebrating all things from 1969!  With a cast of characters in support and a promise of “special guests, costumes, livestock, you name it,” this will definitely be a party! 

Throw in Pixie and the Partygrass Boys, and it’s gonna be a chickens and whiskey kind of party!   (Check out our Pixie and the Partygrass Boys interview to learn more.)

Songs From The Road Band

10/4  Gold Hill Inn, Gold Hill

10/9 Black Buzzard, Denver

10/11 Home Team BBQ, Aspen

10/12 Oskar Blues, Lyons

Songs From The Road Band has been making music for a decade, and just released their 5th album, “Waiting on a Ride.”  The fact that you can still see them for free is astounding but somehow true. 

With a week’s worth of Front Range Colorado engagements, you’ll have plenty of chances.  Don’t miss out on these guys – trust us.  You’ll be paying to see them next time!

Check out the latest from Songs From the Road Band

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