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Author: Michelle Brooke

YarmonyGrass Spotlight: Sam Gupta, Head of Operations

YarmonyGrass Head of Operations, Sam Gupta shares how it takes a team to make this Colorado river festival a success.  How long have you been head of operations for YarmonyGrass festival? How did you become involved? What does this role entail? This was actually my first year heading up the operations for YarmonyGrass. I’ve been involved in years past just through my friendship with the founder, Andrew McConathy. I’ve been managing bars and booking music for years at various locations including State Bridge and the Vail Ale House so I’ve kind of entrenched my way into this industry. I’ve...

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The History of YarmonyGrass: An Interview with festival founder, Andrew McConathy

YarmonyGrass Founder, Andrew McConathy shares the history of this Colorado river festival and insight into exactly how the “Floating Stage” came to be.  At the show, you said that Railroad Earth was the inspiration behind YarmonyGrass.  Could you expand on the role Railroad Earth played in the past YarmonyGrass festivals and your relationship with the band? I met Railroad Earth through Honkytonk Homeslice (Bill Nershi, Jillian Nershi, and Scott Law) and their manager, Lisa Brown, in 2005. The two bands paired up for “Honkytonk Railroad Tour”, and I was able to attend the intimate shows in Vail, Steamboat, and...

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YarmonyGrass 2017: Music and Magic in the Mountains

Unicorns, happy people, and pirates (non-thieving) welcome. Through the Rocky Mountains, along the banks of the Colorado River, music lovers flocked to set up camp at the 12th annual YarmonyGrass festival on Rancho Del Rio in Bond, Colorado. Winding through the dirt road drive, festivarians are welcomed with signs indicating the ranch rules; “Yes, to Unicorns,” “Yes to (non-thieving) Pirates,” “Slow down 3.7 mph!” and “Almost There!”  Volunteers at the ticket gate greet festival-goers with the official festy-greeting YARRRRRRR! as they admit you into the pirate-unicorn-loving grounds. For those eager to get the weekend started, YarmonyGrass kicked off on...

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