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Minnesota singer/songwriter Amanda Grace on “Give Me Away” [INTERVIEW]

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An Interview with Amanda Grace on her latest album, “Give Me Away”

Amanda Grace is a Minnesota native and has released music drifting between folk, alt- pop/rock and Americana. With roots as a pianist her writing is thematically varied with an emphasis on melody; with ballads wrapped in warm vocals. In 2016 she received a Front Of The Line Pass from The Voice and her seventh album, “Please Dear Sun,” was nominated for Blues & Roots Radio Album Of The Year.  Amanda just released her eighth album called “Give Me Away.”  The songs reflect questions Amanda asks herself regarding the status of her own thoughts and heart, and through her music hopes to convey that the giving of oneself, reinforces goodness in the lives of others. Collaborating with Matt Patrick of The Library Studio of Minneapolis Amanda has created her most stunning recording to date with an insightful blend of rock, pop and folk sounds with an intent to showcase her sultry voice.   ~ quoted from




Give Me Away is a fitting title for Minnesota based singer-songwriter Amanda Grace’s latest and finest album. The songs reflect questions Amanda asks herself regarding the status of her own thoughts and heart, and through her music hopes to convey that the giving of oneself, reinforces goodness in the lives of others.

“Everyone experiences pain, or feels lost at times,” she states, “yet there are moments when the universe reveals a path of connection and purpose. I believe we all have the power to give, and in giving, we often find healing for ourselves and others.”

Give Me Away will have something for everyone. Amanda’s album weaves these songs together using an insightful blend of Americana, rock, pop and folk sounds intent to showcase her sultry voice.





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Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got into music.

I have been writing songs since I was young, but at the beginning, mostly compositions on the piano. Some of them were more classical in sound. I got into singing with my mom at home and eventually with the family for community events as I got older. Truly, I didn’t pursue or think I could pursue a music career until I was beginning college. Started performing again and then was Able to participate in some rock bands through those years. A few years later, my nephew got diagnosed with leukemia, and I made a children’s album in his memory. After that, I just sort of kept going and found that I love the recording process.


Who inspired you to make music?

My mom was always playing for churches and helped anyone she could with her music. Anyone you admire and why? I admire her most and am so grateful for her loving support.


What is your creative process like? For example: what was your process/concept when writing your album Give Me Away?

I think each album for me sort of comes together differently. I don’t remember sitting down and conceptually coming up with the title track. I had a bunch of songs that I had in my back pocket and felt that it was time to put some out there again. “Give Me Away” wasn’t my favorite song but as I worked on it more, I could see it’s a really good description of where I’m at right now as a human making it through each day.


What did you learn about yourself when writing and creating your new album?

For this particular project more than the others, I saw how I was almost writing songs for myself that would encourage me for things I didn’t know were going to happen later in the year. It was interesting that the struggles that happened, have occurred after I recorded everything. Many of the songs are super encouraging to me personally, and I have felt strengthened when I sing them.


What single is your favorite off your new album and why?

Right now it’s New Year. I personally need a renewed reminder about having hope for the future, as we look into the spring and summer.


What would you like fans to take away after seeing you perform live and or listening to your music?

That they can do this thing called life. That they don’t have to have a plan for the future. That they will find the help they need when they have anxious thoughts.


What is next for Amanda Grace? Any big plans?

I am hoping to enjoy performing at new venues and festivals this year, while also working on my own personal journey in health, wellness in mind, body and spirit. I also want to put some new outdoor excursions on the calendar!



Amanda Grace | "Give Me Away" album cover


1. Give Me Away 
2. Hey Pretty One 
3. Best Part Of Me 
4. Love Yourself New Year
5. Rain Or Snow
6. Mother’s Lullaby 
7. The Last Ones
8. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You 
9. Wouldn’t Be You 
10. All We Need


“Amanda’s voice is clear and smooth with a gorgeous hint of richness. She soars equally on her deep, serious tones as she does beautiful, light whispers.” Southern MN Scene – Sarah Osterbauer



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