5 Ways To Support Music and Festy GoNuts

by Apr 28, 2020

We are certainly living in some strange times right now. 

As festival lovers, we are all used to a certain amount of social interaction and entertainment on a regular basis.  When that suddenly disappears, it can be hard to cope.  

But, remember – we’ve got your back.  The entire festival community has your back.  That’s what Fest Friends are for.

(Cue Dionne Warwick.  🎶In good times, in bad times, we’ll be by your side forevermore…)

Times seem uncertain for the music industry, but we know we will all be dancing together at a live show in the (near?) future. 

In the meantime, we are doing our best to support our musicians, bands, festivals, and artists. And, you can help too!

How, you ask?  Check it out! ⏬

5 Ways to Support Live Music and Festy GoNuts:

1.  Write Articles for FestyGoNuts.com

You can support the music industry by sharing your insights and experiences!  Write about virtual concerts.  Review new albums.  Introduce us to new bands.  Share your favorite festival moments.  

Articles not only keep the Festy GoNuts website up-to-date and alive, but helps musicians get more listeners, more fans and more sales! 

Email your article ideas to jelly@festygonuts.com

Write for Festy GoNuts

2.  Follow Us – and Invite Your Friends!

Festy GoNuts is fully dedicated to supporting the music community.  So, when you support our online efforts,  you also support musicians, bands, and festivals!  And when you invite your friends to follow us, the impact is HUGE! 

It’s a simple click, but can make a big difference!  Like our Social Media pages (links below), give our posts a thumbs up, share our content, and invite your friends – and you’ll be supporting music in return! 

Facebook  •  Instagram  •  YouTube  •  Spotify  •  Email 

BONUS:  Check out our new YouTube show, Festy From the FutonEach episode features interviews with musicians, music news, and tons of fun.  

3. Join Our Facebook Community Group

Join our Facebook Group!  Fest Friends: Music Festival Community is a resource for all things pertaining to the changes happening with music festivals and the music industry – but it’s also a place where we can share and support one another. 

Support your favorite musicians and festivals.  Share photos and videos from past festivals, links to live feeds, playlist suggestions, and uplifting music-related posts! 


4.  Check Out the “GoNuts Stuff” Shop

Our GoNuts Festival Shop just got a makeover!  New products, new designs, and better prices.  

Your purchase helps keep Festy GoNuts alive and helps spread the Festy love ❤️.

If you’ve always wanted that Festy GoNuts t-shirt, now is a great time to grab one. 

Check out our GoNuts Stuff

Festy GoNuts Shop

GoNuts Stuff!

“Be Your FEST Self” with our funky festival attire!

5. Donate

When we started Festy GoNuts, our goal was to spread the word about the power of music and the festival community.  And, even though it’s all virtual right now, we will continue to support and share! 

We are working hard behind the scenes to help musicians transition into the online world, and we are focused on continuing to share new music, new artists, and new online festivals! 

When you support Festy GoNuts, you support music! 
VENMO:  @gonutsmarketing 
PAYPAL:  bit.ly/Support-FestyGoNuts-Paypal

To all of you who read, share, like, comment, and support Festy GoNuts, we say thank you!  We couldn’t do this without your love and support.   

To all of the music festivals and venues who are putting their events on hold for the good of our health and safety, we say thank you.  We will be anxious to get back to dancing on your floors and fields when the time is right. 

To all of those who work behind the scenes in the music industry, we say thank you!  We appreciate everything you do to make our festival and concert experiences first-class, and your efforts do not go unnoticed.  

To all of the musicians and bands who have canceled their shows, tours and recordings, we say thank you.  We know you are making a huge sacrifice financially, socially and mentally right now.  We are still here to support you.  Keep sharing your music and merchandise!


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