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2019 Music Festival Holiday Gift Guide

by Nov 28, 2019

Gift Ideas for Music Festival Lovers

Music festival lovers are unique souls.  We love music.  We love to dance, and sing, and play, but we don’t necessarily love a bunch of normal stuff.

Do you have a music festival lover in your life that you’re struggling to find a gift for?  

Here’s a list of some fun and useful gifts for music festival lovers that they can enjoy year-round!

Music Festival Gift Ideas

INTO THE AM Galaxy Face Mask Bandanas for Dust, 

Let’s face it, (punny!) music festivals can get down-right dusty!  When thousands of hippies start kicking up the dirt, it can look like a Pig-pen convention.  

Protect yourself and look cool with these Face Mask Bandanas from Into The Am.  There are plenty  of different styles to choose from, so get yourself one while you’re doing the holiday shopping!

Music Festival Gift Ideas - Leftover Salmon

Leftover Salmon: Thirty Years of Festival!

Few bands endure the way Leftover Salmon has.  What was started 30 years ago by Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman and Mark Vann has grown into one of the most iconic, influential, genre-bending, definition-eluding musical forces of our lifetime.  As musical pioneers, Leftover Salmon has been credited as influences by just about every major player in the jamgrass scene, and far outside of it as well.

To commemorate their approaching 30-year mark, author Tim Newby has penned Leftover Salmon: Thirty Years of Festival!  – a must for any music lover!

Read the Festy GoNuts review of Leftover Salmon: Thirty Years of Festival

Music Festival Gift Ideas - Tarpestry


Tarp + Tapestry = TARPESTRY!

A Tarpestry is “the perfect combination of a weather-resistant blanket or tarp that offers a buffer from the occasional unpleasantries found in nature with the comfort and personalized style of a tapestry.”  

There are a ton of different designs so you can find one for every festival fan in your life.

A Tarpestry is a great gift for any music festival lover.  

Music Festival Gift Ideas - Jay Blakesburg

Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams by Jay Blakesberg

Jerry Garcia: Secret Space of Dreams is a hard cover coffee table book that will bring together, for the first time, a comprehensive collection of photographs of Jerry Garcia taken by renowned Grateful Dead photographer Jay Blakesberg. The focus of the book is to present a collection of Jay’s iconic images of Garcia from 1978 until Garcia’s death in 1995. The book includes photographs of Garcia with members of the Grateful Dead as well as guest musicians and solo projects Jerry worked on. 

Music Festival Gift Ideas - Ukulele

Donner Concert Ukulele with Strap and Tuner

Music Festivals have as much happening off the stage as onstage, and that usually includes more live music.  Give the gift of music to the festival lover in your life.  With this Ukulele starter kit, they’ll be ready to jump into the jam in no time!

With a mahogony body, advanced nylon strings, gig-bag, strap and tuner, this kit has everything you need to get started.

Music Festival Gift Ideas - LED Whip

Fiber Optic Music Festival Whip

Whoa.  We need one of these!

Get the music festival lover in your life a fiber optic whip, and they will be the center of attention at their next get-down!

This whip has a ton of different color modes, and you can easily switch between them while you whip.  Made for dancers, you will definitely get the party going when you whip this bad boy out!  (see what we did there?)


Music Festival Gift Ideas - turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Bluetooth Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Vinyl is back, baby!

Get the music fan in your life a turntable, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  

Artists are going back to vinyl more and more, and just about every music festival merch table is loaded with records these day.  Get the music festival lover in your life a turntable, and you are opening up a whole new world to them.  Plus, from here on out, you’ll have no trouble coming up with gift ideas for them!

This Audio-Technica High fidelity audio with Bluetooth wireless technology is a great starter.

Music Festival Gift Ideas

Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Air Sofa

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, you’ve probably seen one of these.  Or, more accurately, you’ve probably seen someone look like a fool trying to inflate one of these!  The truth is, however, once properly inflated (which is actually incredibly easy, if done right) these Air Sofa loungers are incredibly comfortably. Plus, Chillbo Shwagins Air Sofas come in a bunch of funky fun colors and designs, so you’ll stand out at the music festival with this comfy seat!

The best part is how lightweight and compact they are when stored away, so they won’t take up valuable trunk space that can be used for beer and sparkles!

Music Festival Gift Ideas

Bamboo/Nylon Folding Fan

These funky fans come in a variety of colors and designs for funky hippie raver music festival fan of all types!

Keep cool in style at the next festival.  Folds up and fits in a small included carrying case, and easily opens with the snap of a wrist!  100% handmade with Fabric & Bamboo.

Music Festival Gift Ideas - festival clothing

Funky Festival Attire – GoNuts Stuff!

Who doesn’t like to look their fest self?

Check out our line of funky festival attire.  All designs are custom made by Festy GoNuts, with multiple sizes, colors and styles available for each design. 

If you see a design you’d like on a different product, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do!

Remember – it’s just as important to LOOK your fest self as it is to BE your fest self!

Music Festival Gift Ideas

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

This super-packable outdoor blanket is perfect for any music festival lover.  Keep it in your backpack or purse, or even clipped to your belt (or fanny pack!).  Unpack in a second and throw it down to have a spot sit anywhere!  Mark your space on the festival grounds in style!


Music Festival Gift Ideas

GloFX Ultimate Diffraction Glasses 

Make a light show at any music festival – regardless of what’s happening on stage!  These durable diffraction glasses make a kaleidoscope out of anything you look at.  Trippy, man!

Matte Black Limited Edition, so you look cool while you’re losing your shit and blasting off!

Music Festival Gift Ideas

Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho 

We’re pretty big on being prepared.  We’ve got a section on Adulting 101, and tips on Staying Dry at Music Festivals, so clearly we have rain gear.  But we never had rain gear this cool – until now!

Focelli has taken staying dry to a fun new level, with these funky new rain ponchos.  Check out all the designs, and quit looking like a chump in a plain yellow poncho!

Music Festival Gift Ideas - ear plugs

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

We published a guide to help you find the best ear protection for live music, which you should definitely check out.  But if you want to grab an affordable pair of noise cancelling ear plugs for a variety of scenarios, you won’t go wrong with this set from Vibes. 

With a variety of sizes, a comfortable fit and a handy carrying case, Vibes Concert Earplugs are a great gift for anyone who frequents music festivals and other live music events.

Music Festival Gift Ideas

Nice C Ultralight Portable Folding Camping Backpacking Chair

As much as it pains us to admit, we all have to sit down some time – even at a music festival!

This nice little portable folding chair is perfect for those times.  Lightweight and compact, this will fit in a backpack, but still provide plenty of comfort for those rare moments when you need a break from the boogie.  But don’t get too comfortable – after all, you are here to dance!

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