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Welcome to our Partners Page!  Here are the wonderful people and organizations that have contributed to Festy GoNuts.  We strive to be your ultimate music festival guide by providing all of the resources you need to have the best music festival experience.

Thanks to everyone that helps us achieve that goal!

Jarred Media

Jarred Media is a boutique multimedia agency located in Denver, Colorado. Jarred specializes in photography of all kinds, a wide range of video production types, and most importantly… making everyone really, really good-looking. The guy on the jar is the guy at the shows. His name is Ryan, and I swear he’s friendly.

For more, visit 

Zero to Travel

Do you love going to music festivals so much that you want to quit your job and travel the world doing just that?  Yeah, us too.  Believe it or not, this crazy fantasy could actually become reality!  Zero to Travel provides the tools you need to get yourself on the path to traveling the world, perhaps indefinitely!

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Jelly GoNuts

Jelly GoNuts is the team behind Festy GoNuts.  “Jelly” is Jason and Kelly, and “GoNuts” is how they approach pretty much everything they do.  What started as a travel blog has turned into a marketing company, merchandise designer and much more.

See what Jelly GoNuts has in the works.

Cash or Trade is the world’s first, fair trade marketplace where fans ethically buy, sell, and trade tickets for face value.”   This site is a must for anyone looking to buy or sell a ticket to a show or festival.  Keeping tickets at face value cuts out the scalpers and gets back to what’s important – fans helping fans.


Blackspy Marketing

Blackspy Marketing connects artists and music venues with the fans who are willing to help promote them.  By joining a Blackspy Street Team, you can help get the word out about a festival or show you want to attend by hanging signs, handing out posters or promoting online.  In exchange you may earn  passes to the event and other cool perks! (backstage?…)


Apply to be on Blackspy’s Street Team


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