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In the meantime, since we’re thinking about Mexico…

And some reading to put you in the mood for a Mexican Music Adventure…

Strings and Sol Review 2016     Take a look back on last year’s shenanigans!

Discovering the Adventure in Music    A must-read, if you haven’t already!

Mexican Music Adventure: Yucatán Peninsula

Headed to a Music Festival in Mexico?  Let us plan your Mexican Music Adventure! Strings and Sol and Closer to the Sun are both amazing festivals in Mexico, easily accessible from Cancun airport, right on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea.  These festivals...
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Discovering the Adventure in the Music!

The Music Festival Adventure When we first decided to pursue our passion and conceived of Festy GoNuts, we thought of the elements of live music that keep us coming back again and again.  Like the earth, wind and fire of the natural world, the elements of live music...
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Mexico Music Adventure: Strings and Sol 2016

This review of Strings and Sol may seem long overdue.  Although, by this point, I am sure most of you have read quite enough about it to know you are definitely not going to miss it in 2017.  If you weren’t there, you are probably saying “Enough already.  Stop sharing...
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How to Recover after a Music Festival Weekend

Festival Recovery 101: How To Recover From A Music Festival Let's face it.  Whether you consider yourself a rookie or a pro, a multi-day music festival can take its toll on you, and the festival recovery may not be as easy as it used to be! I've been doing this for...
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14 Spooktacular Moments: Leftover Salmon Stanley Hotel

Leftover Salmon Stanley Hotel.  Man, we love those four words together! Even though we have been blessed with many amazing festivals already this year (and it’s only March!), we could NOT have been more excited about this year’s installment of “Leftover Salmon at the...
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