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Author: Kelly Day

14 Spooktacular Moments: Leftover Salmon Stanley Hotel

Leftover Salmon Stanley Hotel.  Man, we love those four words together! Even though we have been blessed with many amazing festivals already this year (and it’s only March!), we could NOT have been more excited about this year’s installment of “Leftover Salmon at the Stanley Hotel”.    We rolled up to Estes Park with our roomies for the weekend, and all of us were sharing how we had trouble sleeping the night before out of pure excitement. There really was no reason to improve upon the first year, but we really appreciate all of the changes and additions to...

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How to Cope with Music Festival Withdrawal

I had been looking forward to so many fall festivals this year.  The stellar lineups didn’t slow down after the summer closed out.   Deep Roots Mountain Revival, The Festy Experience, Hillberry Harvest Moon Festival…my calendar was full of amazing music festivals to help me transition into the cooler months and keep me busy until Strings and Sol in Mexico. Then a job offer fell in my lap…one that I knew I couldn’t turn down.  After all, writing about music festivals doesn’t exactly pay the bills – yet.  Plus, Mexico was so much fun last year that we want...

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Leftover Salmon’s Solshine Music Festival 2016

Leftover Salmon has been truly embracing this “comfort festival” scene over the past few years, and their fans are truly digging it. LOS has been putting on mini-festivals in locations where attendees can “choose their own adventure”, from Chicago to Asheville to Estes Park. Yes, sometimes it costs more – after all, pimpin’ ain’t easy (or free!). But that was just the opposite this past weekend in Winter Park, CO where they put on 2 FREE nights of music in Hideaway Park.

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Batten Down the Hatches at Blue Ox Music Festival

We were incredibly excited to be able to return this year to the 2nd Annual Blue Ox Music Festival , located at the Whispering Pines Campground just outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  As many of you may have heard, last year’s Blue Ox turned into essentially a mud pit after the festival received a record amount of rainfall. What you probably didn’t hear was a lot of complaining, even though the ground in front of the stage would put you knee-deep in mud. Instead, you heard about the amazing lineup, the beautiful location and the wonderful bonding experiences everyone had...

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Scoring Tickets to Sold Out Music Festivals

So, you kept eyeing up that one music festival.  The lineup looked great, the location looked amazing and you heard it was super awesome in the past.  But you kept putting off buying the music festival tickets because you just didn’t have the funds.  Now it’s sold out, and you really want to go!  How are you supposed to score tickets to a sold out music festival now? Well, slacker, lucky for you there are a few options to get you tickets to that sold out music festival after all. FACEBOOK: Seems obvious, right?  That’s because it is.  Perhaps the...

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