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Best Tropical Destination Festivals: Winter 2017- 2018

Tropical Destination Festivals We live in a beautiful age, for many, many reasons. Sure, we don’t all have jet packs yet (boy, every single visionary of the last century sure got that one wrong!) but we do have year-round music festivals! Festivals like Winter Wondergrass and Ullrgrass have proven that we are all capable of getting down regardless of the temperature and weather. We bundle up, take what Mother Nature throws our way, and enjoy every moment! Sometimes, however, we all need an escape from the winter, and dancing in the snow may not be for everyone. Thanks to Cloud...

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Festy Five with Jon Stickley Trio

The Festy Five with Jon Stickley Trio The Festy Five is a a quick-fire, short answer round.  It’s how we like to finish our interviews.   We recently caught up with Jon Stickley, Lyndsay Pruett and Patrick Armitage of the Jon Stickley Trio at Rhythms on the Rio Festival.  They had just finished their set, and we got them to open up about adventure on the road, a possible Broke Mountain Bluegrass reunion, and being a band with big balls!   Read the entire interview with Jon Stickley Trio here!   After the bulk of the interview, we hit...

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Moving Between Realms with The Deer: An Interview

Live music, BBQ, breakfast tacos and hipster techies are among the top images conjured when thinking about Austin, Texas.  Add The Deer to that list. Encompassing the musical diversity that arises from this unique town, shining like a beacon in a state not exactly known for diversity of any kind, The Deer is the Austin sound.  The Deer’s website attempts to describe their one-of-a-kind sound as such: “The Deer creates psychotropic soundscapes and tranquil, vivid dream-pop.”    It’s the “soundscapes” part which captivates us – perfectly layered musical and vocal harmonies that can seem other-wordly, strange and beautiful at...

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Texas Music Festivals: The Best Music Festivals in Texas

It’s true that everything’s bigger in Texas, and when it comes to Texas music festivals, that sure rings true!  Austin, Texas is known as the music capital of the world, and Houston is home to the Nation’s first domed stadium – all fun facts if you’re searching for a music festival in Texas! The second biggest state in the country sure has a lot of ground to hold festivals, and it makes use of it in many different ways.   Here are some of our favorite Texas music festivals: Austin City Limits Festival With 2 weekends of music on...

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Rhythms on the Rio 2017 Review

The 12th Annual Rhythms on the Rio Festival took place on the banks of the Rio Grande river in beautiful South Fork, Colorado.  It was our first chance to experience this wonderful non-profit music festival, and we were antsy to see what all the hype was about!  (Read our Rhythms on the Rio Preview to learn more about the South Fork Music Association and the purpose of this festival) With its amazing location on the Rio Grande and attendees coming from all over the country, Rhythms on the Rio is a perfect candidate for the Festy GoNuts breakdown:  The Music,...

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