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Author: Jason

Discovering the Adventure in the Music!

The Music Festival Adventure When we first decided to pursue our passion and conceived of Festy GoNuts, we thought of the elements of live music that keep us coming back again and again.  Like the earth, wind and fire of the natural world, the elements of live music are:  the music, culture and adventure.  The music is obvious. It’s the reason we do what we do.  Not many people would willingly choose to travel to Detroit in mid-winter just to go party with their friends.  We can (and will) do that anywhere.  No, it is the music that draws us,...

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Review: Violent Femmes “We Can Do Anything”

Violent Femmes recently released their first full-length studio album in 15 years.  This is exciting news for Violent Femmes fans, obviously.  It’s been a rough road leading up to this point – Bassist Brian Ritchie sued Gordan Gano in 2007, drummer Victor DeLorenzo left the band, and it seemed unlikely that we would ever hear new music from this trio again. Well, for whatever reason, Gano and Ritchie have put aside their differences and came up with 10 songs of new(ish) material.  (apparently several of the songs were drawn from old  demos, and several where co-written with Gano and...

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6-Weeks 6-Festys: Music Festival Lessons Learned

Earlier this summer, Team Festy GoNuts (i.e. Kelly and Jason) embarked on a epic journey, attempting to achieve the impossible dream; the unattainable summit; the legendary quest for the holy grail: 6 Music Festivals in 6 Weeks! Ok, maybe not quite that impossible, or even that impressive, but to these two not-quite-all-in-their-thirties-anymore traveling music-seeking nomads, it was still a pretty big deal! We started in West Virginia at Sleepy Creek on the Potomac, then headed south to Aiken Bluegrass Festival.  We followed that up with Susquehanna Breakdown before finally making it to our first Delfest!  After that we adventured...

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