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The Music, The Culture and The Adventure.

Your Ultimate Music Festival Resource

Sure, we love live music. But we LOVE music festivals.

What’s the difference? Music festivals aren’t just about the music (although that’s a big piece of the pie). Music festivals are about embracing the whole festy experience – the music, the people, the road trip, the camping, the lifestyle.

Festy GoNuts is devoted to helping you make the best of your music festival experience…every part of it.  We strive to be your ultimate music festival resource.  That way, you can truly find your “fest” self by fully embracing the Music, the Culture and the Adventure.  

Music Festivals. Don’t just go. GoNuts!

Festy GoNuts: Ultimate Music Festival Resource

Bonnaroo Survival Guide: Sweatin’ on the Farm

Bonnaroo Survival Guide These days, it seems as if there's a gigantic music festival every single weekend. Music lovers are spoiled for choices –...
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Stanley Hotel Pet Cemetery

14 Spooktacular Moments: Leftover Salmon Stanley Hotel

Leftover Salmon Stanley Hotel.  Man, we love those four words together! Even though we have been blessed with many amazing festivals already this...
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Winter Wondergrass Steamboat 2017

Winter Wondergrass Colorado 2017

Winter Wondergrass in Steamboat Springs Colorado “Let’s throw a bluegrass music festival in Steamboat Springs, CO at the coldest time of the winter...
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UllrGrass Festival 2017 in Golden Colorado

UllrGrass Festival

Ullrgrass Festival seemed like the perfect way to kick-off festival season in our newly re-established home state.  For 3 days, music lovers...
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Strings and Sol 2016: Greensky Bluegrass Main Stage Set

Mexico Music Adventure: Strings and Sol 2016

This review of Strings and Sol may seem long overdue.  Although, by this point, I am sure most of you have read quite enough about it to know you...
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The Adventure of a Music Festival

Discovering the Adventure in the Music!

The Music Festival Adventure When we first decided to pursue our passion and conceived of Festy GoNuts, we thought of the elements of live music...
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Pool Floaties at Strings and Sol

Strings and Sol Preview 2016 – Shenanigans on the Beach

Our Strings and Sol Preview 2016 lists what we are most anxiously awaiting – Shenanigans on the beach, poolside rodeo and artists at large are just a few…

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Greensky Bluegrass at the Historic Scoot Inn, Austin Texas.

Fact Checking the Greensky Bluegrass Texas Run!

In order to keep the Greensky boys honest (because we have no hope of doing so with our politicians) we have fact-checked the Greensky Bluegrass Texas Run.

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Violent Femmes "We Can Do Anything"

Review: Violent Femmes “We Can Do Anything”

Violent Femmes recently released their first full-length studio album in 15 years.  This is exciting news for Violent Femmes fans, obviously.  It's...
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Pickathon Main Stage

How to Cope with Music Festival Withdrawal

I had been looking forward to so many fall festivals this year.  The stellar lineups didn’t slow down after the summer closed out.   Deep Roots...
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Lock'n Festival 2016

Magic in Virginia: Lock’n Festival 2016

Once upon a time, there were only a handful of big music festivals throughout the summer months. My, how things have changed! These days, music...
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Festy GoNuts Music Festival Camp

6-Weeks 6-Festys: Music Festival Lessons Learned

Earlier this summer, Team Festy GoNuts (i.e. Kelly and Jason) embarked on a epic journey, attempting to achieve the impossible dream; the...
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Leftover Salmon Solshine 2016

Leftover Salmon’s Solshine Music Festival 2016

Leftover Salmon has been truly embracing this “comfort festival” scene over the past few years, and their fans are truly digging it. LOS has been putting on mini-festivals in locations where attendees can “choose their own adventure”, from Chicago to Asheville to Estes Park. Yes, sometimes it costs more – after all, pimpin’ ain’t easy (or free!). But that was just the opposite this past weekend in Winter Park, CO where they put on 2 FREE nights of music in Hideaway Park.

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Leftover Salmon: Jazz, Jambands and John Hartford

To say that Leftover Salmon has persevered over the past 25 years would be an understatement.  Withstanding a changing musical landscape, a...
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Leftover Salmon Full Interview

We caught up with Leftover Salmon after their soundcheck at Blue Ox Music Festival.  Drew Emmitt, Vince Herman, Greg Garrison and Andy Thorn sat...
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The Festy Five: Leftover Salmon

The Festy Five is a a quick-fire, short answer round.  It's how we like to finish our interviews. We recently caught up with Vince Herman, Drew...
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Summer Camp 2016: A Volunteer Perspective

Let’s be honest, music festivals are expensive. They cost more than just the ticket. You need a tent, easy-up, chairs, air mattress (if you’re old...
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Blue Ox: Babe the Blue Ox

Batten Down the Hatches at Blue Ox Music Festival

We were incredibly excited to be able to return this year to the 2nd Annual Blue Ox Music Festival , located at the Whispering Pines Campground just...
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Nothing to see here… John Hartford Festival

You may begin to hear murmurs of the magic that took place this first June weekend in Bean Blossom, Indiana.   You may have seen a picture or two...
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DelFest 2016 – Ruckus in the Swamp

The 9th Annual Delfest was a 4-day event that pulled together some amazing people, incredible music and a plethora of memorable experiences. Surprisingly, this was our first time experiencing Delfest, but it certainly won’t be our last.

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