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Festy GoNuts is the ultimate resource for enhancing your music festival experience: the Music, the Culture & the Adventure

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Be Your Fest Self

Festy GoNuts is devoted to helping you get the most out of your music festival experience ~ every piece of it ~ so you can truly find your “fest” self.

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Your Ultimate Music Festival Resource

Sure, we love live music. But we LOVE music festivals.

What’s the difference? Music festivals aren’t just about the music (although that’s a big piece of the pie). Music festivals are about embracing the whole festy experience – the music, the people, the road trip, the camping, the lifestyle.

Festy GoNuts is devoted to helping you make the best of your music festival experience…every part of it.  We strive to be your ultimate music festival resource.  That way, you can truly find your “fest” self by fully embracing the Music, the Culture and the Adventure.  Music Festivals. Don’t just go. GoNuts!

Ultimate Music Festival Resource

Not sure how to pack for your first music festival?  Trying to decide on whether to buy tickets now or later? Wanting to find new artists that are on the rise in the festival scene?

The team at Festy GoNuts is here for you!  We work hard to make Festy GoNuts the ultimate resource for your music festival experience.  Whether you want to learn more about a specific festival or just general tips on how to “festy” better, you’ve come to the right spot!

How to Cope with Music Festival Withdrawal

I had been looking forward to so many fall festivals this year.  The stellar lineups didn’t slow down after the summer closed out.   Deep Roots Mountain Revival, The Festy Experience, Hillberry Harvest Moon Festival…my calendar was full of amazing music festivals to...
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6-Weeks 6-Festys: Music Festival Lessons Learned

Earlier this summer, Team Festy GoNuts (i.e. Kelly and Jason) embarked on a epic journey, attempting to achieve the impossible dream; the unattainable summit; the legendary quest for the holy grail: 6 Music Festivals in 6 Weeks! Ok, maybe not quite that impossible, or...
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Leftover Salmon: Jazz, Jambands and John Hartford

To say that Leftover Salmon has persevered over the past 25 years would be an understatement.  Withstanding a changing musical landscape, a shuffling of some key players and the loss of a dear friend and founder, Leftover Salmon has emerged as one of the leaders in...
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Summer Camp 2016: A Volunteer Perspective

Let’s be honest, music festivals are expensive. They cost more than just the ticket. You need a tent, easy-up, chairs, air mattress (if you’re old like us), sleeping bags, food, beer, gas to get there and home, the list goes on. Once it’s all said and done you can end...
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Batten Down the Hatches at Blue Ox Music Festival

We were incredibly excited to be able to return this year to the 2nd Annual Blue Ox Music Festival , located at the Whispering Pines Campground just outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  As many of you may have heard, last year’s Blue Ox turned into essentially a mud pit...
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Festy Tips, Tricks and Advice


When to buy tickets, how to survive a rainy mud bath, how much you should pay for a grilled cheese ($1 – duh) and tons of other helpful bits and pieces to put you on your way to your best festival ever!

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