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Festy GoNuts

The Ultimate Music Festival Resource for enhancing your music festival experience.

The Music, The Culture and The Adventure.

Your Ultimate Music Festival Resource

Sure, we love live music. But we LOVE music festivals.

What’s the difference? Music festivals aren’t just about the music (although that’s a big piece of the pie). Music festivals are about embracing the whole festy experience – the music, the people, the road trip, the camping, the lifestyle. Festy GoNuts is devoted to helping you make the best of your music festival experience…every part of it.  We strive to be your ultimate music festival resource.  That way, you can truly find your “fest” self by fully embracing the Music, the Culture and the Adventure.   Music Festivals. Don’t just go. GoNuts!

Festy GoNuts: Ultimate Music Festival Resource
Jason and Kelly with Mayor McCheese

Meet the Festival Experts

From humble beginnings in the 1900s, the Team at Festy GoNuts has been diligently attending music festivals for a long, long time, becoming experts at all things festy.

We are passionate about music, traveling and community.  And we feel confident that if you take some time to learn about Festy GoNuts, you will feel the same!

So, come join us on our festival adventures – and learn how to not just go, but to GO NUTS!

Funky Festival Gear

We like to look good, and wear fun stuff. With our “GoNuts Stuff”, you’ll be the coolest kid on the playground.  We also do custom designs, so drop us a line if you want something made! Visit the Festy GoNuts Shop for your fun festy gear.

Countdown to Festy…

(Here’s where you’ll find us next!)

Beale Street Music Festival








Festy Tips, Tricks and Advice

When to buy tickets, how to survive a rainy mud bath, how much you should pay for a grilled cheese ($1 – duh) and tons of other helpful bits and pieces to put you on your way to your best festival ever!

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